Workshops, Webinars – and More

 Oh – the places you will go! That’s one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books. Here are a few of the many places I have been invited to speak, present, facilitate. If your organization is interested in exploring a workshop, presentation  or talk – please get in touch!  You can also check out my page on testimonials to hear what people say.

WEBINAR SERIES: The following Webinars have been presented by Eileen Chadnick, and hosted by CICA as part of their CareerVision program. Thank you to CICA for making these accessible to the broader public. Simply click on the link and go to the registration page and listen/view the presentation. 

1) Bogged Down and Overwhelmed? Tips and Strategies to Help You Cope (and thrive!)

2) Giving Feedback that Fuels Success

3) Addicted to the Yes Habit

) Assertiveness at Work

5) Beat Work-life blahs with more optimism and resilience    


ProjectWorld/BusinessAnalystWorld Conference (Upcoming! May 18-19): Coaching Skills for Leaders. See more detail here.

IPAC Leadership Conference (Feb 2011): Emotional Intelligence for Leaders in the Public Sector. See program details here.

AFOA National Conference (Feb 2011): Emotional Intelligence for First Nation Leaders. See program details here.

Schulich Alumni Program (Feb 2011): Guest on Executive Coach Rountable for alumni and MBA students. See details here.

IFCA Annual Conference (October 2010): TGIM Work-life Plenary speech for communications and marketing professionals in the insurance and financial services sector.

Coaching Skills For Managers (Sept/Nov 2010, April 2011): A half day workshop as part of a “Performance Development” full day focus for leaders at a local community college. Call for further detail.

College Management Academy (Feb 2010): Coaching skills for leaders. Call for further details.

ProjectWorld/BusinessAnalystWorld Conferences (2008/2009): Coaching Skills for leaders.

Ministry of Environment (June 2008): Strategies for a TGIM work+life

Centennial College (May 2008): Reflective Leaders Forum – 2 day workshop for senior leaders at the college.

Extendicare National Staff Conference  (June 2007): Emotional Intelligence



2 Responses to “Workshops, Webinars – and More”

  1. Step out of Judger Mindset to Give Effective Feedback « TGIM Work-Life! Says:

    […] my Webinar on this topic – if you missed the Webinar, you can still catch it via recording. See this page (workshops and webinars) for links to the Feedback webinar and a few […]

  2. Webinar: Bogged Down and Overwhelmed? « TGIM Work-Life! Says:

    […] Oh and by the way, if you are interested in some of the other CICA webinars I’ve done on ‘Giving Feedback’; “Addicted to Yes? Learn to say ‘No’”; “Beat the Worklife Blahs” – then check out the archives here for recordings. […]

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