TGIM Explained – sigh, if we must

TGIM – stands for “Thank Goodness it’s Monday” is the antithesis of TGIF (thank G-d it’s Friday). It’s about having a sense of joy, zest and possibility for both your work and your life.

 We see work and life being integrally connected. If you hate your work, its impossible to love your life. Likewise, if stuff in your life is  ho-hum or worse – it can affect your work too. And work is about more than work…it’s about the people, the culture, the way it meets/welcomes your authentic value. Oh it’s a big, wonderful possibiltiy.

I’ve much more to say about this — and I will a little later add to this page and submit posts because afterall, that’s what this entire blog is about. 

But for now, it’s back to work and I say Yay….TGIM cuz I’m loving my work and I’m loving my life (most days:)

 Want some of that too?

2 Responses to “TGIM Explained – sigh, if we must”

  1. Christine Smith Says:

    Love the name of your blog! Love the point: if you don’t love your job, it’s impossible to love your life. Good stuff, Eileen.

  2. Jo McFadden Says:

    Thanks for defining TGIM for me. Also, I like the attitude that this reflects. There is so much difference in working with someone that likes their work and is glad to be there; and someone that dislikes their job and shows it. Working around the ones that do not want to be there can put a real damper on everybody elses day.

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