Testimonials for Workshops, Seminars and Presentations


“Eileen developed and delivered an engaging and valuable workshop for the Ontario college system’s provincial human resource development (CCHRD) group. What stands out about Eileen is that she is flexible, listens well and was able to adapt her expertise to our group’s and the individuals within the group’s needs. Her experiential approach reinforces learning and provided our participants with much to think about, skills to apply when back in their own workplace and strategies to use when leading and working with their teams. Feedback was excellent from all participants. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.  Thank you Eileen.”  (Carol Henry, Director, Centre for Faculty and Staff Development, Seneca College)


In February 2011, Eileen Chadnick of Big Cheese Coaching developed and presented a session at the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association (AFOA) of Canada’s National Conference in Vancouver, BC on “The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace”.  The Conference attracted over 1,000 Aboriginal managers and leaders from across the country. This session was voted one of the most useful and engaging in AFOA’s conference surveys. Eileen made a concerted and successful effort to ensure her presentation was tailored to the audience and that effort was very much reflected in the delegate’s feedback.” (Suzanne Seebach, Director, Programs, Services & Communications, AFOA Canada)


“One of the best CICA webinars I have participated in — very well presented. Speaker knew her topic and held your interest.” …….“I enjoyed the style (friendly and informative).”

The session will impact me and my organization…(various responses): “provided me with insight on how to create a learning culture”…..”I am in a new role and this will help me lead my team”…..”will help me take judgement out of difficult feedback.”….”I will coach others managers to do the same”….”I will work on reframing my thinking to learner style and not be so anxious/nervous about the feedback process.”……”will help me mentor my staff”…..”I will be able to manage tough employee relationships better and help our organization be one of the best to work for.”

COACHING SKILLS FOR LEADERS – Ontario College (Sept, Nov 2010):

It was educational, reflective and fun.”…..”This workshop was very useful.”…..”Provided me with new set of tools for day-to-day situations.”….”It taught me about traits in myself that I can now apply to my leadership.”…”gained practical skill and great reference material.”….”given me new tools to help me continue working with a team both as a leader and a peer.”


Will help me by managing my workload and result in a more satisfying workplace – and less burnout.” …..”As a manager, I will be more congizant of the signs people display when they are being asked to do too much.”…..These techniques will allow me to have a more balanced workload – at work and at home.”…..”as overcommitting often leads to missed deadlines, a more realistic approach will help to manage both expectations and projects.”….”It will help make me a better and more respected employee and help me with managerial promotion.”…..”help with more positive choices, leading to better time management and productivity.”…..”This webinar will help me significantly in all aspects of my life.”….”I learned the importance of boundaries, how they are communicated and how to be flexible.”

MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT (June 2008): Strategies for a TGIM Work-life — tips for engagement in one’s everyday work-life.

Yesterday we met with Eileen in the morning. No one knew quite what to expect. We were met with an enthusiastic, engaging presenter who through her exercises not only allowed us to bond as a social group, but to see and appreciate our strengths, some of which were hidden! As a result, many of us see each other in new lights, and the level of camaraderie was uplifting. It was a fun and at times touching seminar which has positively altered many perspectives.”

CENTENNIAL COLLEGE (May 08): “Reflective Leader’s Forum” — 2 day retreat for the College’s most senior leaders) exploring reflective practice; team and individual strengths and more.  

“Excellent! Eileen is a very personable facilitator — great use of humour and stories, not over the top. Great content, control fo group, balancing….”

“Excellent facilitation of learning and focus on leadership”

“Timing was well-managed. Participants were engaged without being put on the spot.”

 PROJECT WORLD / BUSINESS ANALYST WORLD CONFERENCE (April 08): Coaching Skills for Leaders — a two-day workshop for senior-level project managers and business analysts.

Eileen is truly passionate and eager for her students to develop their coaching skills. Her use of modeling throughout the course gave us great first-hand experience in the application of these skills.”

The instructor (Eileen) was amazing. She keeps the workshop very interesting and keeps in mind the diversity of the participants. She always acknowledges each person’s contribution. It was a very pleasant experience.”

“This was an excellent workshop. Eileen was great in helping form a bond between all the participants and enhance our network.”


“I thought it was excellent for under an hour — filled iwth lots of good information. the Q&A also covered a lot of good ground and Eileen had further great ideas.”

“If I use some of the tips and strategies , I think I will be a better communicator.”

“I have some new information to think about and will focus on my performance and leadership..”

“…taught me to be more effective personally in my role as well as developing skills in my staff.”

“I learned that I can be assertive without being aggressive or nasty……”

“This will definitely help me in coping with the fears I have in taking on a more self assertive role.”

FINANCIAL PLANNERS STANDARDS COUNCIL (FPSC) Webinar (March 08): Asking the Right Questions for Career Success.

“We found her presentation to be engaging, informative and entertaining and would highly encourage others to attend her….webinars.” Will O’Neil, FPSC Communications Specialist.

EXTENDICARE – Staff Conference (April 07): Emotional Intelligence at Work:

“We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation today. Your delivery was so engaging that we lost all track of time. You are a very effective speaker and educator. We found your comments regarding emotional intellgience and the TGIM philosophy expecially intriguing. On behalf of Extendicare, thank you for a memorable presentation.  – The Corporate Consulting Group (Extendicare)

FINANCIAL PLANNERS STANDARDS COUNCIL (FPSC) – (2005-2006) — a series of communications workshops for CFP® professionals.

Thank you so much for the great training session on Friday! Some of us were talking in the elevator on the way out, and we all agreed that you & Ann are among the best presenters we have ever come across! You were very engaging, energetic, and you kept us alert, awake, and enthusiastic! (which can be a tough thing to do on a Friday afternoon)!!!”

“Great high energy presentation.”

“Very engaging; excellent pace; straight-shooters. I loved it”

Very experienced. Very dynamic and very competent.”

Both Eileen and Ann were outstanding.”


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