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New Year’s Reflections – Qs for Thoughtstarters

December 28, 2008


We’re just weeks away from starting a brand new year. New Years is one of my favorite reflection opportunities. Each year, I spend some time reviewing the year past and reflecting on the year ahead.  I’m in the midst of doing so now and thought I’d share the questions that I use for my own thought-starters. 


 (photo courtesy of ToniVC on Flickr)

 For those of you that have been around this blog for a while, you’ll recognize many from previous year’s post. They still work so here they are:


1) What accomplishments from this past year are you most proud of?  Aside from the obvious big ones – see if you can  also drill down further and recall other successes (large and small) that you might have you forgotten or perhaps overlooked. E.g. a task well done; new learning; a courageous act; other? This is the time to be generous in acknowledging yourself!

2) What did you learn about yourself last year?

3) In what way(s) have you grown? Who have you become in the “evolution of you” this past year ? (e.g. wiser, more courageous, more open….etc.?)

4) What were the high points of the past year? It could be anything – maybe a special experience…..perhaps a joyful moment or event that needs to be remembered and acknowledged. You decide what makes it a ‘high point’.

5) What do you need to let go of from this past year that might get in the way of you beginning the new year ‘fresh’ and in top form? E.g. holding on to a fear; a disappointment; an illusion of hope; a bad habit;  other??

6) What inspiration (a moment, thought/idea; experience) conveys what this past year was all about for you? For instance, how would you complete the following sentence: “This was the year of ___” (fill in the blank with a word or phrase that captures a theme most meaningful for you)


1) What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead?

2) What do you want more of in the year ahead?

3) What do you want less of?

4) What new learning goals do you have for yourself for the year ahead?

5) What other goals are important to you right now?

6) How will you take responsibility to help actualize these goals? What actions can you take? What of your strengths and character can you count on to move forward towards these? What structures and plans/supports will you put in place to make them happen and keep you “on your game”?

8 )  In what way would you like to see yourself grow (i.e. via experience, personal development, other). i.e. so that next year you can acknowledge the change in the ‘evolution of you’.

9) How will you keep your mojo alive and well this year (i.e. your joie de coeur…sense of engagement and fulfillment)?

10) What relationships will you invest more in this year?

11) What is your ‘theme’ for the year ahead be– e.g. How would you complete the following sentence: “2010 will be the year of ___” (identify a phrase that conveys a theme most meaningful to you).

12) Finally….what other question(s) needs to be asked to make next year  a great TGIM year!?

Well, that’s it for now to get you going. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. May your time be filled with what’s most meaningful for you now. And to a wonderful, TGIM work-life in the year ahead!