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Goals Inspire; Intentions Actualize

January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010! It’s still fresh and early on the first day of a whole new year. What kind of year will you create? This is a great time of year to set some new goals, intentions and make plans for what you want to create in the months and year ahead.

Resolutions are so passe. Too focused on fixing things. They rarely last. Goals, however, if framed right, can inspire, motivate and  energize you.  They are especially helpful if you have a bit of the back to work blues this January. Goals add meaning, focus and purpose to your life and work. They don’t have to be big. They can come in all shapes or sizes.

E.g. learn a new skill; advance an area of knowledge or competency; or fulfill a long-held dream of ___ (whatever that may mean to you).

Declaring goals is good. Declaring and committing to intentions to support these goals is even better.  Intentions are declarations of commitments of what you will do and how you will be to actualize your goals.  If goals are the engine that inspire, then think of  intentions as the  gas that propels and gets that engine working.

E.g. If a goal is to advance a particular skill, then the intention might be to enrol in a course, practice x times a week, get a mentor, etc.  Intentions can be concrete actions. They can also be a way of ‘being’.  For instance “I will be tenacious and relentless in my efforts to advance this skill.”

My goals: I’ve got a whole bunch of goals for 2010, particularly for my business, Big Cheese Coaching and my new practice area, called “UNretiredLife“. And I’ve got goals for other areas in my work and life as well.

For each of those goals, I have plans, strategies and ideas. And intentions (aka commitments) for what I need to do and be to actualize this. Let me share just a few:

1) I intend to be more in touch with my community of readers, clients, network and others. That means writing posts more regularly, sending out newsletters, more meaningful networking, etc. This is all connected to a variety of broader goals related to advancing my work.

2) I intend to be mindful of my perfectionism gremlin that sometimes gets in my way of my sharing news and updates more regularly. This is related to the first intention. You see, I never have nothing to say. Often it’s a matter of too much to say. Often, I get stuck when I feel I haven’t gotten it down ‘just right’. So I’m committing to letting go of that and sharing when I have something meaningful to offer.  It’s a bit of a “Just do it” intention.

3) I intend to practice more patience with myself and monitor my pace. Ahh, that pace thing. Yes, this intention is connected to my goals related to fulfillment, peace and effectiveness. I (like others) often fall into that ‘human doing’ trap and the frenzy of ‘rush’. I have so much enthusiasm and passion for all that I want to do – and often want to take on too much. It’s frustrating when I can’t get to it all (sound familiar?)!  In the long term, this doesn’t serve me well. Nor does it serve my clients if I lose my energy, resilience, etc.  So part of this will be a continual check-in on my energy, my commitments (reality check with what I set out to do with what’s ‘do-able’), etc.

Ohhh, there are more.  But this post isn’t meant to be all about me. It’s meant to inspire some reflection for yourself.  Hopefully, my sharing has you thinking of some of your own goals and the intentions you need to commit to in order to actualize those goals.


What goals do you have for 2010?

What intentions do you need to declare to ensure you follow through?

What do you need to do (actions, behaviours) and who do you need to be in all your ‘doing’ to honour these goals in the most meaningful and fulfilling manner?

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Before I sign off, it should be noted that as I re-read this post before I hit ‘publish’ I am noticing how ‘unperfect’ it is. I can write more; say it better; etc, etc.  But in light of my new intention….I’m going to ‘just do it’ (hit the publish button:)

Happy New Year — here’s to your TGIM work-life!


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