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Five Ways to Say No Without Jeopardizing Your Reputation at Work

April 27, 2012

You’re swamped. Your plate  is full. You are juggling as it is. Then your boss – or someone else at work – asks if you can take on another assignment. What do you do?

You know you should say ‘no’ to this one – but yuck…saying no is right up with your other least favorite things to do…like going to the dentist to get a cavity filled. Well, at least that’s the case for many people including a Globe and Mail reader who sent in a question to the Globe Career’s Ask an Expert Coach feature. 

New! On today’s Globe and Mail career site and in the paper edition:  Read what I wrote to this reader — “Five Ways to Say No Without Jeopardizing Your Reputation at Work”.

Sometimes saying ‘no’ is really saying yes — to being small; risking less than standard work; and more.

Reflect — what are you saying yes to when you shy away from the appropriate times to say ‘no’?

 What are your strategies, tactics, experiences with saying ‘no’ when it is appropriate?

Additional ResourcesSee my Webinar/Workshop page on this blog for a listing of Webinars (free) — including: Are you Addicted to the Yes Habit? As well, a couple more articles related to how to learn to say no from Investment Executive. See Part I and Part II (Investment Executive, March 2012).

Here’s to a TGIM Work + Life.



How To Develop That Dream Job Without Losing Focus on Your Day Job

April 18, 2012

Oh this one speaks to my heart – and my work-life. A Globe and Mail reader writes to Globe and Mail Careers – Ask an Expert feature  – asking how she can juggle the demands of two careers. She has a day job but also a ‘passion’ career that she would like grow. Doing both – she confesses, is ‘hard’. How to juggle both?

Read the article here – and the advice I offered to this reader.

TGIM work-life is all about passion. Waking up with optimism for the day. Going to work with a sense of ‘mojo’ because you want to, not just because you have to. But sometimes our work doesn’t quite allow for that – or it does to some extent but you want ‘more’. More fulfillment, personal expression, authenticity — or whatever your ‘more’ is. Enter the second career – and for some, managing two at once. 

Some people take on a second careers to pursue an interest, or a passion or simply transition to a new frontier. Not everyone can afford to do a hard stop on career #1 to pursue #2. For many, that ‘transition’ means having to manage two careers at once.

Not easy – but it can be rewarding. Especially if you like both. Hmmm…too much of a good thing sometime? Oh, bring on that balancing act! Learn to juggle! Learn to prioritize….and more!

Are you managing two careers? What have you learned? What ‘tricks and tips’ would be helpful to others. Please share!

To your TGIM Work-Life in all your careers!



Online Discussion — “Are You Overwhelmed at Work” (Globe and Mail)

March 23, 2012

Further to may earlier post about an upcoming Webinar on handling overwhelm next Tuesday, the Globe and Mail is also getting on board with this hot topic. Today, at noon (ET), I’ll be answering questions and offering tips on how to deal with the stress of ‘too much to do’ in work and life.

I hope you will join me today at the Globe and Mail Careers online. Just follow this link here.

This Discussion is a follow-up to an article I wrote for Globecareers called “Take a Step Back to Tame Those Overwhelm Gremlins”.

And don’t forget next Tuesday’s Webinar (if can’t make the time, sign up anyways and access the recording anytime after).

Hope to see you there!

To a TGIM Work + Life!


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Six Ways to Focus Your Career in 2012

January 2, 2012

New Year, fresh start! For those of you who have career advancement on your mind, the Globe and Mail published an article called Six Ways to Focus Your Career in 2012″ — offering tips on how to take action to advance your career. 

I was invited to contribute one of the tips. I recommended leaders (of all ranks) learn coaching skills. I do a lot of work in this arena — teaching leaders a variety of coaching skills — via workshops, webinars, and directly coaching leaders. No longer can a leader get by just on technical/functional smarts. They need to inspire, grow, invest and develop their people to bring the team and organization to excellence. Unfortunately for too many, the rise to leadership came without any guidance on how to coach/lead others. If you have your eyes on a bigger game this year, make sure you add ‘coaching skills’ to your learning agenda this year. And of course, check out the other very worthy tips from others in the Globe and Mail article!

Warning: shameless promotion coming up! You can read what people have said about my workshops, presentations and coaching  in this area in my “Workshop Testimonial” page  and “One-on-one leadership coaching testimonials

To a TGIM work+life in 2012!


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“Help – My Boss is a Bully and Wants me Fired!”

October 28, 2011

Ouch! Yikes…a bully boss…a toxic boss… a bad boss! How unfortunate if you’ve got one of those in your career path. I suspect, many of us can relate and have had at least one story in our career paths when we had to deal with a ‘difficult’ boss. Well, I received a request for help recently via a letter to Globe and Mail’s Careers “Ask a Career Coach” feature (I am one of the Globe’s Career Coach’s for their Career site). The reader is in a contract position and is wondering what to do to salvage his future career prospects knowing his boss most likely won’t be a good reference. As well, he felt she had sabotaged much of his opportunity to prove his worth in that contract.


I hope you don’t have to deal with this kind of situation but if you do, rest assured. One bad experience does not have to derail your career. Have a read of some advice I offered in this particular situation. And let’s hope that bad bosses become the exception and not the rule!

P.S You can check out some of the other questions (and advice offered) from myself and my colleagues at the “Ask a Career Coach” page. And feel free to send me your questions too – I can respond to them here at TGIMworklife or possibly on the Globe and Mail site

To a TGIMworklife!

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Are You An Empathetic Manager?

September 1, 2011

The Globe and Mail just launched a new career section on their online site and invited me to be one of their regulars for ‘Ask an Expert’ (career coach).

Here’s my first article about how to manage people more effectively.  

If you have a question you’d like to send to Globe Careers, email it to:

Making the Most of a Lost Opportunity

May 4, 2011

Ouch! Ever experience this…?  You are going for a promotion or a particular job, investing a lot of time and effort and it is looking good but in the end it doesn’t happen. Frustrating — yes? But sometimes you may end up all the better for it. In fact, a recent scenario from my coaching practice inspired my latest Mentor Minute” column in the Globe and Mail Careers just recently published.  

The Scenario:I thought I was in line for a promotion to a leadership role, and with my supervisor’s encouragement, I invested my time and money in developing my skills and took on more responsibility. My supervisor just told me the promotion is on hold due to unforeseen organizational changes and not my abilities. I am feeling frustrated and wondering if my efforts were wasted and if I should consider moving to another employer”.

The Advice: Here’s what I offered in the column as suggestions — read the article here.

In the real situation, there was more involved, with one-on-one coaching to support my client in reflecting on these and other questions specific to her situation. In the end, she ended up with substantial more clarity for a career path that will better suit her than the initial opportunity at hand. And in turn, rather than feeling defeated, she experienced a renewed sense of optimism.

Sometimes a missed opportunity can be a gift in disguise. Go figure! How about you? Where have you found the gift in a setback or loss?

Other Featured News Coverage: If you are new to this blog, you can check out some other Mentor Minute columns and various other articles I’ve written and/or been quoted in. See the “In the News” section.

To your TGIM Work-life!

Eileen Chadnick

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Career Advice for UNretirees…

June 17, 2010

News from UNretiredLife….

From time to time, I get invited to contribute articles to the Globe and Mail Careers. Yesterday they published my latest “Mentor Minute”. The column is is structured as a Q&A on various career issues. This one is geared to the boomer who is not so sure about what to do in that ‘R’ stage of life….read on:

THE SCENARIO: I currently work in a senior role at a large company and am approaching retirement age. I love my work and have been so busy these past years, I haven’t had time to really think about my retirement. I am becoming a little concerned because I just can’t picture myself fully retired. I love my work but I also kow that I want to slow down. I’ve got mixed feelings about this whole thing. Help!

THE ADVICE: You can read what I wrote in the FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Got a question? In the same boat? Want some guidance to help you plan for ‘what’s next’ in that ‘R” stage of life (work or no work – you need to plan)…..then get in touch. Would love to hear from you!

To success and fulfillment in all stages of life!  See more at my UNretiredLife blog.

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In the News: Going for the Silver!

March 12, 2010

Do you need to go for the Gold to achieve success? Is Silver good enough? How about in the workplace? Do you need to go for that top job? Can you grow, flourish and be a valued employee without rising to the top?

Me thinks not.  By all means going for the top spot works for many and is a great ambition. But it’s not the only route to success. There are many ways to build a satisfying, successful career path without ascending to top dog’s spot.  The Globe and Mail invited me to comment on this issue for an article that’s in today’s paper. Check it out! 

How about you? Where have you said no to a promotion but yes to professional and personal fulfillment, growth and success — at the same time? Would love to hear!

To a TGIM work-life no matter where you are on the corporate ladder!



In the News: Bye Bye Procrastination, Hello Productivity

August 12, 2009

Do you procrastinate? Uhhh….can I get back to you tomorrow on that? Couldn’t resist that 🙂

The Globe and Mail Careers invited me to respond to a reader’s question related to procrastination.  You can read it here, a PDF version.  

…Or you could, you know….wait and read it another day 🙂

Whatever you do – don’t procrastinate on your TGIM worklife!

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