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Executive Mom – re-entering work after the baby…

October 1, 2007

CBC TV interviewed me again for their show Living in Toronto. This time it was for a segment offering tips for women going on maternity leave – and to those returning to work. How to stay engaged while at home so that re-entry is a little easier? What to do upon return, etc.  The show airs tomorrow (Tues, Oct 2) at 1pm if you happen to catch it. Apparantly it also airs on the internet in real time.

This seems to be a hot topic these days.  Last week the Toronto Star featured a study sponsored by TD that revealed women are making inroads in the workplace and will continue to do so. The article said “The 1950’s era is gone” (no kidding) as two-income families make up 63 per cent of households. More women work and they are making huge progress in the workforce. Still, the study found women that progress in the corner office is slower…and they are still earning less than their male counterparts. This gap is not about lack of experience, education or smarts — but possibly more reflective of the impact on women’s career when children come into the fold.

Having a career – and a family — can be hard on women. Unfortunately, many smart, talented women end up opting out of their careers — or ‘slow-tracked’  if they don’t have supportive employers. 

The article quoted a spokesperson as saying: “Employers are going to have to work really hard to retain and attract women, even after they’ve gone out of the labour market to have children, because it will be an important skills set for them keep as we move towards a shrinking population base.”

I say amen to that! But not all employers walk the talk. Those that don’t will find themselves on the short end of the talent war as competition for talent heats up (as all the economists and gurus are saying it will).

Care to read more? I wrote an article last year on this topic for Canadian HR Reporter  See Executive Mom.

I’ll be back with more tips on this soon …another major newspaper recently interviewed me for an upcoming article on this topic so I’ll let you know when it appears. Stay tuned…or if anxious for tips sooner than later, get in touch!

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