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Three Things I am Grateful for….

October 10, 2011

One of the greatest anti-dotes for stress is practising gratitude. Experts in positive psychology, spiritual masters, and others alike, will all concur, that giving thanks is a healthy, mojo-boosting energizer that will leave you feeling more joyful, alive and happy. The science is there but for me – I just know from my own experience it works.  So on this Canadian Thanksgiving, give it a try: Name and claim at least three things you are grateful for right now…in this moment…..on this day.

For me at this very moment, I am grateful for:

1) The most glorious day of sunshine we have today (here in Toronto). I went for a walk and drank in the stunning foliage, warm air, and overall sense of awe how beautiful this season is.

2) The ravine and beautiful park just across my home that gives me an instant burst of feeling like I’ve gotten away and into deep nature which is very soul-fueling for me.

3) My beautiful network of lovely friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, clients and community….I feel connected and loved in many parts of my life.

4) My ability to think, speak, hear, walk, write, eat, see, breath, smell, touch, feel…..I am all too aware of the ease of those tasks sometimes taken for granted — and the unquantifiable sources of joy I get just because I can do each of those things.


5) My ever-expanding capacity to learn, grow and develop myself….and help others too in my work. In return, I get satisfaction that is hard to describe but enormously important and what makes for meaningful life for me.

6) My ability to be grateful and practice it regularly and reap is rewards. Gratitude expressed inwardly and outwardly fuels my wellbeing tank. Read more about this in my short story in  my entry in the Gratitude Book Project here.

Now your turn. Go on try it. Start with three. See how it feels. You may like it. In fact, so much, you may wanna do it everyday. Why not?

TGIM and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving on this beautiful Monday!


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It’s Thanksgiving – What are you Grateful for?

October 11, 2010

My TGIM mojo is at an all-time high this particular Monday Morning: it is, afterall, Thanksgiving (in Canada) today.

The Bridge in my Ravine - by Eileen Chadnick

I woke early. Refreshed. And as I sipped my coffee I thought about all that I am grateful for: The list is long. I’ll just offer a few tidbits in the spirit of sharing….

I am grateful for my family and my friends who add a richness to my life that I can not put into words.  I am grateful for the work that I get to do each day that gives me purpose and helps me grow and evolve. I am grateful for my abilities, my health, and my capacity to actualize more of my potential each day.  I am grateful for the people in my work-life who help me do what I do each day and make my work-life meaningful. I am grateful for my clients who trust me and partner with me to create great work. I am grateful for my associates who help with all the wonderful yet heavy lifting of a day’s work. I am particularly grateful for my my tech support professional who gets me out of jams when my computer misbehaves — even on a Saturday before a huge week ahead.  I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had this year to work and live my TGIM work-life AND for all the opportunities in my path ahead (some known and others not yet revealed….but I know and trust good things will come) .

And I am grateful for living in a country, a community and a neighborhood where I can feel safe (relative), free and happy.  Of note, the picture above was taken in a ravine that runs just across the road from my home. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have this gift of nature and beauty at my doorstep.

And I am grateful to YOU….the readers and friends who stop by from time to time and read these posts. Having a forum to self express and share with others is very gratifying.  Oh – and I am so very grateful to the WordPress folks who offer this fabulous platform to create this blog.

Thank you to all.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving Monday? No matter, if you are not in Canada. Thanksgiving is really a year-long notion. I like that we have a particular day to flex our gratitude muscle but it’s something that can (and should) be done regularly.

How will you use this Thanksgiving Day to jumpstart your gratefulness habit?

To a TGIM work AND life!


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