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Some Follow-up Resources (Manage Overwhelm)

March 30, 2012

UPDATE (DEC 2013):  if the topic of managing overwhelm is of interest to you – I just launched a new book called, Ease – Manage Overwhelm in Times of Crazy Busy. You can get it at most online book retailers. Read here for more!


During my Webinar this week (recording now available), I shared a lot of ideas related to managing our ‘overwhelm’. Learning to say ‘no’ when appropriate; practising focus and being mindful (not ‘mind full’!); and getting enough sleep. And a ton more. Here are a few resources as a follow-up. More to come….we’ll keep this conversation going for some time (in different shapes and sizes).

Tame Those Overwhelm Gremlins— an article I wrote for the Globe and Mail that summarizes some of the topics discussed on the webinar.

Webinar (free): Are You Addicted to the Yes Habit

Articles: IE interviewed me just a few weeks ago on this topic which resulted in two articles. “Learn to Say No – Part I” — and “The Proper Way to Say No — Part II”

Book: Eat Well, Age Better, Live Strong – by Aileen Burford Mason : Aileen’s book delves into nutrients and the brain and deals with stress, fatigue, sleep issues and more. It’s hot off the press!

Have You Done Your Ta Da List Yet? A past issue of my newsletter got all into this – lotsa stuff here!

-Mindfulness at Work: We talked about practising mindfulness at work. If you think mindfulness is too zen for you and only for buddists think again. Wendy Woods (disclosure – a friend) has written an interesting article  about meditating at work and managing overload.

And so much more….feel free to weigh in and send comments, tips, other resources. In the meantime, it’s Friday and I need to do my ‘ta da list’ to complete my week 🙂

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