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What Do You Need to Clean Up Before the Year Ends?

November 30, 2008

Spring cleaning anyone? A little late perhaps — but as we head towards winter I’ve just spent the last few hours cleaning up and getting rid of old messes that I just don’t need any more. I’m getting ready for a spanking clean-slate new year – and know I’ll have new goals, dreams, hopes for the year ahead. But for some reason, I haven’t been able to fully embrace them or even articulate them because…….well, I’ve been stuck in my mess. Literally and maybe a little bit metaphorically too.


(Photo courtesy of Libbywithnall on Flickr)

I’m not a neat freak. But too much clutter gets me down. Hard to think, hard to create, and just hard to get going when all you see are piles of mess. I subscribe to three papers a day, countless magazines — and well, yada, yada….life’s messes add up. Finally today I got the surge of energy needed to start the process….purge this, toss that, scrub, clean…..and declutter!

Sigh. It feels good. I’m not quite done yet but I’m on a roll. Now that my physical space is decluttering, the next step is my emotional space. I am going to focus some of my year-end reflection on clearing out stuff I no longer need: like old patterns that don’t serve, bad habits that keep me from moving forward in my goals/dreams, all those time and energy wasters, distractors…..and  well, getting the point? Of course, I’ll make sure to keep the good stuff and with the other stuff gone, there will be more room for more good stuff like: creative juices, positive thinking, focused energy, resilience and optimism, etc, .

How about you? What mess do you need to clean up before the year ends? Think physical ‘mess’ but also mental/emotional/etc. And if you did clean that up, what possibilities can you see to fill up that space with more meaningful ‘stuff’ for the year ahead?

 Questions for reflection:

– What are the physical messes bogging you down? Consider both work and personal contexts

– What relationships need to be cleaned up? Or maybe even let go of?

– What old habits are weighing you down and keeping you from being your best and reaching your goals?

-What old assumptions are just getting ‘older’ but not making you any wiser? Get rid of them!

Now imagine for a moment, those messes gone. Imagine new space now to create for the year ahead……….

It’s just around the corner….a month to go. Better get started. I’ll be back soon with some New Year’s reflection thought-starters to further help you along. I do this every year — for myself, my clients and those who are interested (you?).  If you can’t wait, you can always take a peak at last year’s post on this. Just remember to change the date one year forward:)

In the meantime, here’s to creating space for your TGIM worklife!