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Is September the New January? 5 Questions to Get Your Seasonal Mojo in Gear

August 27, 2012

New beginnings, fresh starts, emails tinging and phones-a-ringing (more than usual). Can you feel it? The hustle bustle of September is looming.

I sometimes wonder if September is the new January. People are recalibrating goals, making plans and gearing up. It feels like a new year. It is for kids going back to school but for adults – well, maybe September represents a new year in the ‘school of work and life’ ?  

I confess, as much as I am looking forward to the fall season, I am also holding on tight — real tight — to the last bits of summer. I’m always a bit sad to see summer end. So I have to self manage that duality — feeling excited yet sad at the same time. So the question I ask myself each year at this time is: How do I get into the right frame of mind as I stand on the cusp of summer’s end and fall’s beginning? This is all about balancing my ‘seasonal mojo’!

How about you? Where-ever you are – here are some guiding questions to help you get your seasonal mojo into gear as fall approaches.

5 Questions to Get Your ‘Seasonal Mojo” into Gear:

1) What are you looking forward to this fall? Write it all down – the professional stuff, the personal stuff and anything that’s pulling you positively towards the new season, large or small. For myself, I’m starting new projects, working with new clients and have a new website in the works (coming soon!). I’ve got a book in progress — and more. Personally, I can’t wait for Toronto’s International Film Festival, new theatre subscriptions — and the gorgeous autumn leaves.  My list goes on but those are just a few examples.

Now your turn. Go on…get it down in writing. See what comes up.

2) Where Are You With Your Goals? Got any? Need to recalibrate? Goals are essential for fulfillment and professional and personal wellbeing. Without goals, our ‘mojo’ can wilt. So as you look to the new season, make sure your goals are fresh, right-sized and meaningful to you for the season ahead. Consider both the professional goals and personal goals and write them out, tell others. Goals that are declared in writing and/or shared with others are more likely to be activated than those that we simply keep to ourselves in our thoughts. 

If you are feeling a bit stuck in this area, get in touch. I am doing a lot of new work in this area. Not just short-term seasonal goals but also the BHAG kinds (big, hairy, audacious goals) that set the vision for a new life chapter. I can help!

3) What do you need to clean up before the season starts?  I just called my tech saviour and booked an appointment to tune up my computer before the hustle bustle of fall. I need my computer to be in tip-top shape because we are going to be busy! How about you? What do you need to get cleaned up and ready for fall?

4) What were your favorites moments/experiences of Summer 2012?  Being  in  the moment is so important but so is carrying over those memorable experiences. Research within the field of positive psychology has proven the act of ‘savoring’ can greatly boost your wellbeing over time. So take some time to think about, write about and talk about those joyful moments of summer 2012. Name and claim them in celebration. It will be good for you!

5) Good to the last bit? How will you enjoy the last weeks/days of summer? As you look ahead to fall, don’t forget to make plans to enjoy the last bits. What will you do in the days/weeks ahead?

To TGIM Work + Life in All Our Seasons!