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Online Discussion — “Are You Overwhelmed at Work” (Globe and Mail)

March 23, 2012

Further to may earlier post about an upcoming Webinar on handling overwhelm next Tuesday, the Globe and Mail is also getting on board with this hot topic. Today, at noon (ET), I’ll be answering questions and offering tips on how to deal with the stress of ‘too much to do’ in work and life.

I hope you will join me today at the Globe and Mail Careers online. Just follow this link here.

This Discussion is a follow-up to an article I wrote for Globecareers called “Take a Step Back to Tame Those Overwhelm Gremlins”.

And don’t forget next Tuesday’s Webinar (if can’t make the time, sign up anyways and access the recording anytime after).

Hope to see you there!

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Are You An Empathetic Manager?

September 1, 2011

The Globe and Mail just launched a new career section on their online site and invited me to be one of their regulars for ‘Ask an Expert’ (career coach).

Here’s my first article about how to manage people more effectively.  

If you have a question you’d like to send to Globe Careers, email it to:

Job hunting and career tips for tough times

July 8, 2010

UPDATE: More than 4,000 people logged on to this online Forum. The good news: it’s still available if you’d like to peruse the discussion. See below for more!

The Globe and Mail invited me to be the expert on call today for the Report on Business Online Forum: “Job Hunting + Career Tips for Tough Times”. 

This is related to an article based on a report from the OECD (Roadblock to Recovery – Long-term Joblessness Remains an Obstacle)

Hope to ‘see’ you there where I will be taking reader’s questions. Hop on at:

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In the News: What Does a Coach Do? Listen My Profit Guide Interview…

June 1, 2009

Ian Portsmouth of Profit interviewed me for the Profit Growth Planner series. My topic was ‘hiring a coach’. It has just aired and you can listen to it here.

If you like it or know others who may be interested – please share it. If you are on Twitter – please Retwitter it! And you can follow me on Twitter at 

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In the News: Job Trends….

February 5, 2009

I was profiled in an article on coaching in the Workology/Job Trends section of Metro News.

“Tough times call for drastic measures- or at least a fresh perspective. Which may be exactly why the phenomenon of work/life coaching continues to grow as the world economy shrinks. Different from a counsellor, a coach works with individuals to develop their strengths and realize their potential in the workplace…..”


And additional articles in the “In the News” section.

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In the Globe and Mail today…

December 19, 2007

How fun – the Globe and Mail invited me to write a little article for its “mentor minute” column published in today’s paper. It’s based on my last blog post (managing year-end/holiday stress) but modified a bit (some of my ‘wordy fat’ edited down:)

Click here if you feel like reading it.

To a TGIM work-life and holiday season!


To give, or not, at the office? In the news today…

December 12, 2007

Is the  holiday season bringing you workplace ‘gift angst’? Not sure what to get the boss or your colleagues? Stuck on what to get for the guy/gal you barely know from down the hall but drew their name in the company’s Secret Santa exchange?

Check out today’s Globe and Mail article “To give, or not, at the office“, written by Randi Chapnik Myers. Randi interviewed a few work/career coaches (including myself) so you’ll find various perspectives and tips. 

I’d like to reinforce that when it comes to gift-giving in the workplace, the spirit of giving is more important than the actual “gifting”: use your judgment, be sensitive and appropriate. Generosity comes in many forms.

Cookies anyone?

Note: see “In the News” section for more news articles featuring Big Cheese Coaching. 

Core Values in Action at the ICF Prism Award Ceremony

May 27, 2007

Big Cheese Coaching and Tribute Communities were in great company on Friday at the International Coach Federation (ICF) Prism Award Ceremony. As one of this year’s award recipients, we had an opportunity to present and share the highlights of our story. The room was filled with coaches, clients and others interested in learning about how coaching in the workplace could make a difference in leadership, engagement, performance – and other areas.  Congratulations as well to the other three winning organizations and the coaches – as I said, we were in great company (see full list here).

Tribute’s program was about building on success through engagement of its people. Tribute builds great communities and has been doing so for 25 years. Part of our work involved shifting the lense inwards to explore the internal community at Tribute (the diverse, talent that makes things happen every day). Starting with an exploration of the company’s core values and articulating a central purpose, we involved the whole company. The initiative unfolded over a year (group and individual coaching; company-wide meetings; communications strategy; a core values in action plan and more…). The outcomes were many: New ways of being/working together; new initiatives to energize and acknowledge the talent; leadership development — and much more.


This picture was of a few of us getting ready for the Globe and Mail photo shoot (see resulting article). There’s a more formal picture below of the Tribute gang at the event.

I was so proud to be part of this winning team – and particularly my client, Tribute Communities that truly earned this award.  Who’d guess that a home-building company would be leading the way as an ambassador for coaching at the workplace? Two years ago (when we met), they hadn’t even really heard about coaching (coaching is still fairly new afterall). But in its 25 years in business, Tribute has proven to be a leader in so many ways. So in hindsight, it’s not surprising that they’d lead in this arena too.

From my perspective, they are a dream client: respectful, open and innovative,  collaborative — and lots of fun!

But enough gushing for one day! There were a lot of gems of learning from all of the winners. I’ll share some of the themes that emerged in a subsquent post. But for now – if you’d like to hear more about how to create a TGIM worklife experience in your organization, well….I hope you’ll give me a call:)

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P.S. Here’s the Tribute gang at the event – with yours truly in the middle holding the Prism award and saying “Big Cheese”!

In the News (Globe and Mail): Coaches don’t always demand more push-ups

May 5, 2007

Big Cheese Coaching and my client, Tribute Communities, are in the news today! As a result of winning the International Coach Federation Prism Award, the Globe and Mail did a feature in the Careers section. Virginia Galt interviewed myself and two leaders from Tribute Communities management team, David Speigel and Cindy Kunz. The article appears in this weekend’s “Career Coach” section. 

YOU CAN READ IT HERE WHILE IT’S ONLINE – or better yet, if you’re out today, buy a copy. 


The headline sets up the story beautifully with reference to David Speigel’s comments about his only previous experience with coaching being that of the athletic kind and his curiousity (and subsequent engagement) with the workplace brand of coaching….(Btw, …there’s a a little irony here  because I just happen to also have a degree in fitness and used to be a fitness trainer :)…so who knows, I may just add in those crunches and push-ups at some point. Kidding.

I love this metaphor because, in essence, this work is in some ways like core training — I do core training (coaching and development work) for leaders (of varying levels), teams and companies who want to make more of a difference in their work lives. As I’ve said in previous posts – we start with the inside first and bring our strengths, awareness, growth to our outer game (the goals/results we want in work and life). We’ll be sharing more about the Tribute Communities success story at the International Coach Federation Prism Awards event on May 25th.

For now, I want to acknowledge the whole Management team at Tribute Communities (and many, many more from the broader team) that were involved with the program — and contributed tremendously towards making this program a great success.

Tribute goes to: Al Libfeld (President/co-founder of Tribute who championed this coaching program from the get-go); Cindy Kunz, Wally Kunz, David Speigel, Dino Scagnetto, Mark Cohen, Mary Liolios, Jeff Brandwein, Ray Jankelow, Sandra Noest….all champions in their own right. And to the many others at Tribute who stepped up so fully into this program and made a difference. 

Stay tuned for subsequent Posts when I’ll share some pics from a team photo we took on Thursday while waiting for the Globe photographer.

NEWS: Big Cheese Coaching Wins Prism Award with Tribute Communities

May 3, 2007

BIG news for Big Cheese Coaching this week! The International Coach Federation (GTA chapter) has announced its winners for the 2007 Prism Awards and guess who’s in the winners circle? I am very excited to share the news that my client, Tribute Communities, has been chosen as one of this year’s recipients of the prestigious award. The Prism award honours excellence in business (or organizational) performance and leadership through coaching initiatives. As their coach, I get a spot in the winners circle too (it’s a lovely place to be:).

ICF will host an event ceremony on May 25th. The winners will be presented with their awards and share their stories of how coaching impacted their business and work-lives. We share this honour with three other award recipients.  Read the ICF release here.

Awards aside, this is a wonderful story about employee engagement; passion; leadership excellence; professional and personal development — and much more! I don’t want scoop too much just yet — we’re getting ready to share our story in the days/weeks ahead leading up to the event — but I do want to say that this client relationship has made my work-life so meaningful this past year and a half. I’m so honoured and blessed to have the opportunity to partner with such a terrific group of people.

Congratulations and thank you Tribute. I’ll be paying more Tribute to you and your (our) award in the days ahead.

ADDENDUM (May 7th): See “In the News” to read the news coverage.  And please visit home page of this blog to read more about TGIM worklife!

Stay tuned for more!