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If You Attended the IFCA Conference…

October 18, 2010

On Monday, I presented the opening keynote presentation at the IFCA Conference A group of about a 100 communications professionals who work in the financial and insurance industry in North America gathered in Montreal for their annual conference. The topic of my presentation was “TGIM Work-Life” (sound familiar?).  It was a great group and I had a superb time exchanging ideas about ‘what it is to love your work’ and strategies for a TGIM work-life!

I promised I’d put together a package of past posts that reflect further on the ideas I presented. 

Here they are – enjoy! (and no worries if you were not at the conference, they are relevant for anyone interested in creating more success and fulfillment at work and life).

BY THE WAY…I also just discovered a cool new feature available now on this blog (thanks to WordPress!). If you send a comment on any of my posts, you will have the option of subscribing to this blog and receiving all future posts by email. Cool, eh? 🙂

The Perils of TGIF  

Tips to Make the Bigness of Monday Just a Little Lighter

 The Lizard Who Wouldn’t Eat (strengths)

Thank Gd it’s Monday

 Happiness is Contagious

 Bring Thanks to a Thankless Culture

 Ramp up the People Part of Your Leadership

 Finding Flow: Intense Work but Without the Struggle

Coaches Don’t Always Demand More Push-Ups (About Tribute Communities)

Are Smart Goals Dumb?

 To a TGIMworklife every day of the week!


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If You Attended Today’s CICA Webinar….

October 29, 2007

Thank you to everyone who attended the Webinar I presented today at the CICA exploring TGIM worklife with Emotional Intelligence! It was a great turn-out (more than 400 attendees!) and based on the questions I received at the end – a very enthusiastic group indeed.

I thought I’d post the links to some of the articles I mentioned that might be of interest (rather than having you search for them). So here are a few:

1) Emotional Intelligence at Work — an article I wrote for HR Reporter that provides an at-a-glance summary of some of the concepts I explored today about EQ.

2) The Lizard who wouldn’t eat…. About using your Signature Strengths to feel gratified at work.

3) Tips to Make the “Bigness of Monday” Just a Little Bit Lighterwhen you could use a little boost. And the Globe and Mail article “Thank God it’s Monday“.

4) Finding Flow: Intense Work but Without the Struggle

5) Is HR Prepared to Keep the Keepers — another article I wrote for HR Reporter on employee engagemeng for high performers and high potentials.

6) Employee Engagement – Respect

AND….there was one participant who asked about self employment as a career option…so for those that might be interested, my reflections starting my 10th year in biz

AND…there’s much more so I invite you all to have a look at the blog…and visit again! Also – I did mention that I’d be introducing a tele-class program in January for leaders who want to develop more resilience at work (to navigate and deal with the ever-increasing load and work-life hurdles we talked about).

More about that later but if interested, please let me know by email or a call and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as I confirm the details (with no obligation of course).

Of course, if interested in exploring how you can learn more about developing a TGIM worklife for yourself and/or others you work with….please do get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

To a TGIM worklife!


TGIM Worklife Blog — in Voice….hear this!

July 9, 2007

Hey – just trying out a new little tech gizmo that allows me to show up in voice…along with a few images too. Not sure exactly yet how to link seamlessly into this blog so I’ll go the easy route for starters and invite you to listen in to this post archived in Photobucket.

The 4 minute presentation is ideal if you are new to this blog….introduces you to the site. I’ll put up more (interesting) stuff once I master this thing….but for starters, if you want to meet me in voice…Turn up your speaker volume and Listen here .

Stay tuned for more….real soon.

In the meantime, have a super TGIM start to your week. Happy Monday!


If you are new to my blog….Welcome!

March 23, 2007

I’m getting quite a bit of traffic on my blog thanks to the Globe and Mail piece (which also ran on Workopolis). If you are new to the TGIM Work-Life blog, a BIG welcome to you!  I hope you’ll come back and visit regularly — and please do feel free to contribute comments. The blog will be better for it!

Since I launched this blog in January I’ve posted a fair bit. I hope you’ll explore. I thought I’d highlight some of the more popular past posts that offer more Monday work-life tips; and/or share some other perspective that I thought worth noting in the context of this theme.

So here they are…..enjoy (again if you’ve seen them before)

And for those of you interested in the ‘inner game’ of your work-life in navigating your ‘outer-game’ of work-life experience, check out my post on Emotional Intelligence….there will be more coming real soon!

 Thanks and here’s to a TGIM journey (Monday through Sunday!)

Welcome to TGIM Work-Life Blog!

January 1, 2007

I’m writing my very first entry on January 1, 2007. It’s a brand new year and I’m excited about this brand new blog!

Let me start by introducing myself: I’m Eileen Chadnick, a certified professional coach and author of this TGIM Work-Life blog. I am also Principal of Big Cheese Coaching, a coaching and consulting company that is all about inspiring TGIM attitudes, aptitudes and altitudes for leaders at work and in life. While Toronto-based, my clients come from regions across Canada, the U.S. and even the U.K.

The foundation for my work (and this blog) is really anchored in one BIG question: What is it to love your work… and your life? I’ve always lived in that question personally and now as a professional certified coach, it is my professional calling (see about Eileen)  (more…)