Retirement 2.0 Group Program for Big Cheese Boomers!

Hey Big Cheese Boomers – are you ready for what’s next? Now on the roster — from my UNretiredLife series, a program for you if you are ready to start thinking about what’s next for you.   Retirement 2.0 Group Program for “Big Cheese” Boomers —a multi-pronged program for boomers who just don’t relate to the old notion of retirement. Hanging out on porch just won’t cut it.  Accomplished, successful (on your terms)- you are wanting something different from your so-called retirement years. Perhaps it will be a continuation of work or recareer — or maybe not. But the bottom line is: you need a plan and a direction to create a life stage that will continue to engage, inspire and connect you to what matters most.

Just not quite sure what that looks like yet? This program may be for you!

Retirement 2.0 Group Program – is all about the ‘next version’ of so-called retirement….it’s  for boomers who want to create their own unique version.  

At a Glance:  This customized program will be jam-packed with reflection, tools/exercises and conversation. It can include:

1) Full Day workshop  

2) Follow-up Teleclasses 

3) Membership to the Big Cheese Coaching Online Retirement 2.0 Course & Community (with guided homework and interaction with others like you. A great platform to work through decision points and if you choose, to connect with others in your group).

Curious? Interested? If so, get in touch with me to explore how we can customize a program for you.

To Success & Significance in your UNretiredLife — create your own version!


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