Explore, Discover, Create, Collaborate….

NEWS!!! Retirement 2.0 Group Program for Big Cheese Boomers (June 24 / Limited spaces….only 10 or so). READ HERE FOR MORE!

Big Cheese Coaching Lab©……a new ‘entity’ within Big Cheese Coaching reserved for special projects.  This is a special ‘space’ for piloting, discovering, introducing, collaborating….. new programs and possibiliites within the roster of Big Cheese Coaching offerings.

Anything can happen here….as long as it’s in the spirit of inspiring, sparking and supporting folks to step into their TGIM life (work and personal). 

Big Cheese Coaching Lab will honour values associated with: Personal and professional leadership; Authenticity; Fulfillment; Creativity; Collaboration; Integrity; Personal/professional development; Continuous learning…..and more.

Check back regularly for news on this and other latest offerings! Or if you have an idea you would like to suggest – even more reason to get in touch!

To a TGIM work-life!

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