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The following news features have either included quotes/interviews with Eileen Chadnick — or have been authored by her. Enjoy and check back again soon for more!

CJAD – Radio (Montreal) — Barry Morgan Show (June 30): Sitting host, Anne Dowson, talks to Eileen about Ease .

Eileen and her book Ease are profiled in the Montreal Gazette (June 16, 2014)

How to Plan a Retirement Career – 8 Questions for Thought (May 27, 2014)

7 Questions to Spring Work and Life Forward (May 14, 2014)

“I took a government job and now the private sector won’t hire me” – read my advice (Globe and Mail, April 25, 2014)

Haven’t updated the resume in a while – see here for tips (Globe and Mail, March 20, 2014)

“Ditch the Multitasking and Focus Instead” (Ease book excerpt in the Globe and Mail, December 18, 2013)
The Globe and Mail’s Harvey Schachter interviews Eileen about Ease: Read the article here.

Stay Positive At Work. It really makes a difference (Globe and Mail, October 25, 2013)

Three Ways to Boost Your Career Mojo (Globe and Mail, September 10, 2013)

Six Ways to Tame Your Stressed Out Brain (Globe and Mail, August 8, 2013)

A Woman Asks: I have survived breast cancer and am ready to go back to work. Do I have to tell prospective employers about my past health issue? Read my advice (Globe and Mail, April 16, 2013)

A Job Seeker’s Dilemma: She networks, volunteers and still cant’ get a job. Read my advice  (Globe and Mail, April 25, 2013)

Job Interview Tips – Series of 7 Videos (Globe and Mail, February/March 2013). Now also posted on my Big Cheese Coaching Blog

Do More Than Cross Your Fingers to Get the Job (Globe and Mail, February 12, 2013)

12 Questions to Get a Jump on the New Year (Globe and Mail, December 21, 2012)

The Grey Tsunami – number of people living over 100 rising sharply (Investment Executive, November 2012)

A young teacher is dealing with job insecurity and wonders if she should quit and change careers (Globe and Mail, October 17, 2012)

How to Move Out of Public Sector and Into a Private Sector Role (Globe and Mail, September 28, 2012)

Can a Recruiter Be a Ticket to Your Dream Job (, September 2012)

My Job Bores Me – But I Don’t Know How to Pursue My True Passions  (Globe and Mail, August 2012)

Will My Job Title Be a Deal Breaker in Finding New Work (Globe and Mail, August 2012)

Get Your Schedule Under Control (Investment Executive, July 27. 2012)

How to Find A Career Coach That’s Right for You (Globe and Mail, July 4, 2012)

Don’t Squelch Your Daughter’s Career by Pushing Advice (Globe and Mail, May 31, 2012)

How do I Deal with My So-Called-Retirement? (Globe and Mail, May 2012)

Five Ways to Say ‘No’ Without Jeopardizing Your Reputation at Work (Globe and Mail, April 27, 2012)

How to Develop That ‘Dream’ Career Without Losing Focus on the Day Job (Globe and Mail, April 18, 2012)

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Retire ( March 2012)

Tame Those Overwhelm Gremlins (Globe and Mail, March 21, 2012)

Learn to Say No: Part I and Part II (Investment Executive, March 2012)

Six Ways to Focus Your Career in 2012 (Globe and Mail, December 29, 2011)

Get Organized in the New Year (Investment Executive, December 2011)

Get Ruthless with the Season of Rush (Tips column in Globe and Mail on dealing with heavy demands during Decemmber, December 11, 2011)

Dealing with a Career Gap and Lack of References (Globe and Mail Careers, November 23, 2011)

Retiring Retirement – and how boomers can stay engaged with work and life (Investment Executive, November 2011)

Retirement Can Get Old Very Fast – if you don’t do the ‘life planning’ part of it (National Post, November 5, 2011

Post-work Planning — how boomers can plan for life after full time work (Investment Executive, November 2011)

How to Answer the Salary Expectation Question (Globe and Mail Careers, September 15, 2011))

Help – My Job is Going Nowhere! (Globe and Mail Careers, September 6, 2011)

How Can I Manage People Better? (Globe and Mail Careers, August 31, 2011))

Making the Most of a Lost Opportunity

(Globe and Mail, Mentor Minute, April 16, 2011)

My Boss is a Bully and Wants me Fired

(Globe and Mail, October 27, 2011)

Step out of Judging Mindset to Give Most Effective Feedback

(Globe and Mail, Mentor Minute, February 11, 2011)


Setting the Stage for Career Action

(Globe and Mail/CTV article, January 24, 2010)

Giving Feedback that Fuels Success

(Canadian HR Reporter article, September 6, 2010)


Ramp up the ‘people’ part of your leadership

(Globe and Mail Mentor Minute advice on developing people , August 20, 2010)


Retire at 55 or 65? No thanks

(Globe and Mail Mentor Minute advice for the Unretiree. June 16, 2010)

Planning Key For Unretired Life

(Dow Jones newswire/Wall Street Journal: article on Unretired Life planning. March 22, 2010)


Going for the Silver

(Globe and Mail Careers article. Do you have to go for the top job or a promotion to succeed at work? March 12, 2010)

Bye, Bye Procrastination, Hello Productivity 

(Globe and Mail Careers, Mentor Minute column by Eileen Chadnick, August 12, 2009). Note: if no longer available online, see the PDF here.


Bring Thanks to a Thankless Work Culture

(Globe and Mail Careers. Mentor Minute column by Eileen Chadnick – July 22 09)


PROFIT: Growth Planner Series. Audio interview on “Hiring a Coach”:

(aired May 29, 2009)


Job Trends: Coaching Corporations…Tough times call for…fresh perspective

(Metro News profiles Eileen Chadnick and her work as a coach to leaders and up-and-comers – February 3 2009)


Ear to the ground, eye on a  bigger job

(Globe and Mail Mentor Minute: quick career advice from Eileen Chadnick — November 2008 )

That time of year: performance report cards  (PDF from the site)

(Globe and Mail Mentor Minute: quick career advice from Eileen Chadnick — September 2008 )

Making Social Committees Work

(Canadian HR Reporter – January 2008 )


It’s may be holiday time – but it’s not vacation from stress (tips to manage year-end stress)

(Globe and Mail/Workopolis — December 19, 2007)

To give, or not at the office

(Globe and Mail/Workopolis — December 12, 2007

Emotional Intelligence at Work: Don’t leave home without it

(By Eileen Chadnick, Canadian HR Reporter – May 2007)

Coaches don’t always demand more push-ups (feature on Big Cheese Coaching and Tribute Communities Prism Award)

(Globe and Mail/Workopolis – May 5, 2007)

Thank G-d It’s Monday

 (Globe and Mail / Workopolis – March 23/07)

Executive Mom – Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

(By Eileen Chadnick, Canadian HR Reporter – July 2006)

Too Many Balls in the Air Limit Time to Follow Through

(Investment Executive – February 2007)

The Secret to Using Motivational Tools

(Investment Executive March 2007)

Young Workers Sing First Time Blues

(Globe and Mail/Workopolis, November 2006)

Is HR Prepared to Keep the Keepers?

(By Eileen Chadnick, Canadian HR Reporter – January 2007)

  How to Become an Irreplaceable Part of Your Team

(Metro News – GTA – November 8, 2006)

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