About Big Cheese Coaching

TGIM Work-Life is brought to you by Big Cheese Coaching. TGIM stands for ‘thank goodness it’s Monday’.

Since 2003, Big Cheese Coaching has worked with leaders (of varying levels) to help inspire success, engagement and authentic leadership for people at work and in life.  

Our work is anchored in a belief that we all have an inherent desire to be authentic and significant in our lives, Big Cheese Coaching helps people and organizations define what it is to work and live meaningfully on their terms – and to achieve success within their unique goals and circumstances.   

Initially serving the leadership development and career management arenas, we now also work with boomers who are thinking about what’s next as they approach  (or already live in) the lifestage once known as ‘retirement’. Big Cheese Coaching recognizes there is a paradigm shift taking place in the retirement landscape as boomers will defy the stereotypical vision of retirement. For the latter focus, we have recently launched a second blog, UNretiredLife, and a new suite of offerings to help boomers create their own version of retirement

Big Cheese Coaching services include: one-on-one coaching, executive coaching, group coaching, teleclasses, workshops, assessments*, customized programs, and more (watch for updates on this blog as well as thought-leaderships, articles and provoking questions!). 

*assessments in emotional intelligence, retirement life planning, other.

QUALIFED, TRAINED AND CREDENTIALED:  All offerings are brought to you by professionals qualified, trained and credentialed in our respective areas.

AWARDS, RECOGNITION AND THOUGHT-LEADERSHIPBig Cheese Coaching is a recipient of the International Coach Federation 2007 Prism Award – recognizing excellence in leadership and performance coaching for a program with Tribute Communities.  As well Eileen’s coaching expertise has been profiled extensively in various media including: Globe and Mail, Canadian Business Magazine, Toronto Star, Advisor’s Edge Magazine, Canadian HR Reporter, Metro News, Choice Magazine, CBC TV and Radio, Rogers television – and more. Eileen is also a frequent contributor to the CICA Careervision newsletter.

See www.BigCheese-Coaching.com or contact Eileen Chadnick at Eileen@BigCheese-Coaching.com

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