And The Conversation Has Only Just Begun (Taming Overwhelm)!

UPDATE (DEC 2013):  if the topic of managing overwhelm is of interest to you – I just launched a new book called, Ease – Manage Overwhelm in Times of Crazy Busy. You can get it at most online book retailers. Read here for more!


Would you like more tips/strategies on how to tame your overwhelm gremlin? How to get a grip on the stuff that has a grip on you? Read on!

That was a wonderful experience!  So many turned out for yesterday’s Webinar on Taming the Overwhelm Gremlin. Thank you CICA for hosting this. If you missed it – you can still log in and register to listen/view the presentation.  It was a jam-packed hour and I received a lot of great feedback and a lot of terrific questions at the end. But I wish we had more time – there’s so much more! This is a big topic and yes, more than what I could  pack into one hour.  Would you like more too? If so, please read on:

Given the interest and all the ‘stuff’ that couldn’t possibly fit into one session, I’d like to share more so that you can make ‘taming your overwhelm gremlin’ a reality. If you are game and want more:

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…and include a note that you’d like ‘more on taming overwhelm’. I’ll include you in my ‘not-so-monthly’ newsletters AND I am creating a special series on ‘overwhelm’ and you will be on a special list and the first to get news, tips, and other stuff on this topic.

What are you waiting for? Get on board!

In the meantime, I will be posting some resources you can tap into right away that dive deeper into some of the ideas I spoke of yesterday. Stay tuned — back  real soon!


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