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Dealing with a career gap and lack of references?

November 29, 2011

In my latest “Ask a Career Coach” columns in the Globe and Mail Careers, a reader asks how to deal with a tough situation in his job search.

Shortly after graduating university, he was unable to pursue a career due to medical issues. Now years later, he is better and resuming his job search but has no recent references given the pause in his career. I offered a few tips — and things to think about beyond references.

The advice may be relevant for anyone in job-search mode. While references are important when presenting yourself as a worthy candidate – there is a whole lot more to consider as well. Equally important is a networking strategy as well as concrete ways to demonstrate you are up to date and work-ready (courses, retooling, etc). I also touch on volunteering. I have often heard of people who have landed great jobs leading to very full careers via a volunteer role.  Have a read of the article- and as always, I welcome your comments.

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Retiring Retirement….

November 23, 2011

Retiring Retirement…I like the sound of that phrase. It’s the title of an article in which I was recently interviewed for in Investment Executive. It’s very aligned with the name and philosophy of my blog: UNretiredLife (my other blog that is).  Well, as many of you may know – retiring the old notion of retirement is a topic I’ve addressed for quite some time. This year, there’s been a huge ramp up of this story as boomers have turned 65. Media, banks and many other players in the financial services industry have hop on to this new narrative of what ‘retirement’ is going to mean to boomers. A paradigm shift to say the least!

In the News! In the past couple weeks, I’ve been quoted quite extensively in various articles about boomers’ work and life in the so-called retirement years. See links below.

And, btw, if you feel you are years away from retirement and don’t need to think about this – well, think again. Planning for life (and possibly work/career) in the next stage of life takes time. I know. I started in my ’40’s — and as many of you know, I have been developing an extensive second career that could serve me well into my so-called retirement years (Big Cheese Coaching)  — and have been doing so alongside my other career in communications.  Takes work. Planning. Thinking. And more.

Anyways, don’t take it just from me – hear what others have to say:

Retiring Retirement – and how boomers can stay engaged with work and life (Investment Executive, November 2011)

Retirement Can Get Old Very Fast – if you don’t do the ‘life planning’ part of it (National Post, November 5, 2011)

Post-work Planning – how boomers can plan for life after full time work (Investment Executive, November 2011)

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