“Help – My Boss is a Bully and Wants me Fired!”

Ouch! Yikes…a bully boss…a toxic boss… a bad boss! How unfortunate if you’ve got one of those in your career path. I suspect, many of us can relate and have had at least one story in our career paths when we had to deal with a ‘difficult’ boss. Well, I received a request for help recently via a letter to Globe and Mail’s Careers “Ask a Career Coach” feature (I am one of the Globe’s Career Coach’s for their Career site). The reader is in a contract position and is wondering what to do to salvage his future career prospects knowing his boss most likely won’t be a good reference. As well, he felt she had sabotaged much of his opportunity to prove his worth in that contract.


I hope you don’t have to deal with this kind of situation but if you do, rest assured. One bad experience does not have to derail your career. Have a read of some advice I offered in this particular situation. And let’s hope that bad bosses become the exception and not the rule!

P.S You can check out some of the other questions (and advice offered) from myself and my colleagues at the “Ask a Career Coach” page. And feel free to send me your questions too – I can respond to them here at TGIMworklife or possibly on the Globe and Mail site

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