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Making the Most of a Lost Opportunity

May 4, 2011

Ouch! Ever experience this…?  You are going for a promotion or a particular job, investing a lot of time and effort and it is looking good but in the end it doesn’t happen. Frustrating — yes? But sometimes you may end up all the better for it. In fact, a recent scenario from my coaching practice inspired my latest Mentor Minute” column in the Globe and Mail Careers just recently published.  

The Scenario:I thought I was in line for a promotion to a leadership role, and with my supervisor’s encouragement, I invested my time and money in developing my skills and took on more responsibility. My supervisor just told me the promotion is on hold due to unforeseen organizational changes and not my abilities. I am feeling frustrated and wondering if my efforts were wasted and if I should consider moving to another employer”.

The Advice: Here’s what I offered in the column as suggestions — read the article here.

In the real situation, there was more involved, with one-on-one coaching to support my client in reflecting on these and other questions specific to her situation. In the end, she ended up with substantial more clarity for a career path that will better suit her than the initial opportunity at hand. And in turn, rather than feeling defeated, she experienced a renewed sense of optimism.

Sometimes a missed opportunity can be a gift in disguise. Go figure! How about you? Where have you found the gift in a setback or loss?

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