The Gratitude Book Project – It’s Here!

This is a real quick post because I’m on the fly today but I  just have to get this news out! A short while ago, I received an invitation to be a co-author of an exciting new book project called “The Gratitude Book Project”. 

 It’s a compilation of short anecdotes from contributors who were invited to answer the question: “What are you Grateful for?”

It was easy and yet hard for me to answer that question. Easy because I have a gazillion things that I feel grateful for on any given day – Yet hard too  because how do you choose only one?!  Well, I said yes and you can read it in the book along with 364 more anecdotes.

And today is the day — it just hit the shelves and you can get a copy at Amazon. Check it out .

I’ll tell you more about why I got involved in the project in a later post – but for now, just had to get the news out. Check it out – reading the stories will inspire you and demonstrate how living ‘gratefully’ can make an enormous difference — to your health, happiness, optimism, resilience and overall MOJO! Great for gifts, or for your own daily inspiration. And all proceeds from national booksellers will be going to charitable organizations.

More later. In the meantime, here’s to a grateful, TGIM worklife!


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