What Will TGIM Be for You in Retirement?

I have another blog. Actually not just a blog — a whole new suite of offerings. I call it: UNretiredLife.  This is not as a competitive or even completely different tack from TGIMworklife and the work of Big Cheese Coaching. It’s complementary.  UNretiredLife is all about TGIM — with a more specific focus on boomers, helping them create their own TGIM version of so-called ‘retired’ (or UNretired) life. 

If you are a boomer – or know folks who may be interested, then please check it out. Retirement is undergoing a major paradigm shift (see my next post). This means that the ‘retired or UNretired’ phase of life will call upon even more thoughtful, intentional planning and action to ensure life is worth getting up for not only on Mondays — but everyday all week and year and in all stages of life!

I will post some of my articles from UNretiredLife over here to give you a taste but would love it if you would also hop over for a visit to read about the issues, opportunities and questions. And rest assured, I will still continue with TGIMworklife blog. 

To your TGIM work & life in all stages’n’phases 🙂


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