Job Security While On Leave – That’s So Pre-Recession

A leave of absence used to mean you had extended time away from work with the assurance of coming back to your old job upon return. Ahh….not so much anymore. With the recession, there’s now an increased risk of being asked to leave after your “leave”.

Or so, that’s the theme of an article in the Globe and Mail Careers section today in which I was invited to comment and offer tips on how to mitigate that risk.

My advice is to do what you can to stay visible, relevant, connected and on the radar while you are away.  And try to develop yourself further so you have more to offer when you get back — to your existing employers or others if you choose or need to move on. But alas, while there are no guarantees of job security, taking action with strategies to protect yourself is a good idea. I, along with others, offered some concrete things you can do which are cited in the article.

You can read it while it’s still available online. At some point the Globe and Mail link will expire so you can also see a PDF of the article here

Good luck and to a TGIM worklife (in all economies),



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