Workshops: Coaching Skills for Leaders

You don’t have to be a full-fledged certified coach to bring coaching skills to the workplace. An increasing number of (smart) organizations recognize this and are training their leaders to develop more coaching competencies that complement their roster of leadership and management skills. A coaching culture inspires better performance, engagement and results!

To that end, I am busy again this spring presenting a series of related workshops to organizatons and conferences. Here’s what I’m up to:

1) ProjectWorld and Business Analyst World (May 12): Coaching Leaders at Work – Fad or Phenomena.

Description: A one-hour primer on coaching for folks working in (or aspiring to) the field of project management. Coaching has become one of the most popular organizational interventions today. What defines coaching? What issues are appropriate for coaches to address  Who can benefit? Who is qualified to coach? What is it to have a coaching culture at work? Read more here.

2) ProjectWorld and Business Analyst World (May 13-14): Coaching Skills for Leaders.

Description: This is a 2-day workshop, that will orient participants to the distinct nature of the coaching philosophy and approach and introduce a variety of skills from the repertoire of the professional coach’s toolbox. Because managing projects is not enough, leaders must inspire their people; develop, support and engage them to actualize their potential to meet employee, team and organizational goals…. Read more here.

3) Customized Workshops: I am also customizing workshops and programs on this theme coaching skills for leaders and creating a coaching culture. I am currently working with a local college helping deans, academic professionals, business and administrators hone their coaching skills in light of their broader organizational goals.

Want to hear more about how this might fit into your work-life and organization? If so, please get in touch!

Till then, here’s to a TGIM work-life!



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