Are You Ready for the Creative Economy?

A report on Ontario’s prosperity has recommended a transition to a significantly more ‘creative economy’. Dr. Richard Florida and Roger Martin’s much-awaited report is saying OUT with the ‘tree-pulping, metal-bashing old economy’ and IN with much more of the analytical/creative/knowledge oriented kind of employment.

Despite the current hardships of the economic crisis — it just may be giving Canada (and certainly other economies in our global world) the shake-up it needs. Does it make sense to spend so much money investing in older, limping, businesses? Would  it make better sense to invest in areas that will meaningfully boost our productivity and competitiveness in the global economy — as such invest in developing skills, employablity and organizations that will have more sustainibility and power our future success?

These issues are being bandied about quite ardently with the release of this report. And it’s not even the first time we’ve heard this. Do you remember the terms “new economy” and “knowledge economy“. The world has been transitioning enormously to those….but the current economic crisis is prompting a harder look at: Are we doing enough? Is our attention appropriately apportioned?

Outdated approach. Florida is right on the money – Do you invest in the weaker parts — or develop the parts that have true capacity to shine and grow?  

“Develop and keep the keepers”. As a coach, that’s my mantra on a more ‘micro’ level (about employees)…..but it’s true for the stuff that drives economies as well. 

SO WHAT ABOUT YOU? On an individual level — what does this mean from a skills, competency and employment perspective?

The creative economy calls for less brawn and more brain….the kind of brain that Dan Pink refers to in his book: “A Whole New Mind“. That is more fluency in social intelligence, emotional intelligence, analytical thinking, creativity and even empathy!

How are you developing yourself in those competencies? And where are you setting your sights for your next career move?  Thinking of going back for some training? Retooling? What are you going to invest your future in?

So many questions but at times like these (with economic challenges; job uncertainty; etc.) — asking questions — the RIGHT questions is critical to your success.

On a personal level (my own take):  I specialize in emotional intelligence coaching. I help organizations and leaders develop their competencies in the realms that Richard Florida, Dan Pink, etc….all recommend for the new creative economy: social intelligence, communications, reflective thinking, empathy….and so much more.

I’m feeling optimistic this morning reading about all this. And I’m ready to make sure I’m truly IN  and helping others to be ready for the Creative Economy.


To a TGIM Worklife in the Creative Economy


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2 Responses to “Are You Ready for the Creative Economy?”

  1. Darlene Chrissley Says:

    Thanks for highlighting this important report. It highlights the fact that while resources around us seem scare, the resources inside us (our creativity and imagination) are abundant. When I read it I posted little yellow stickies all over my house and office with the question: “What is my creative response?” So far three new and innovative projects have come about in answer. I challenge all TGIM readers to ask themselves the same question.


  2. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    Darlene – as always, you bring such worthwhile and provocative questions. Thank you!

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