T’is the Season of Rush….again!

It’s December….. already. Actually, almost into half-time of December. How did that happen so fast?! Ah yes, t’is the season of Rushhhhh….when everthing seems to whirl by so much faster. We’re busy shopping,  finishing things, getting ready for festivities, getting here, there…..go, go, go!


 (photo courtesy of SophiMuc on Flickr)

I wrote an article last year for the Globe and Mail career section for the Mentor Minute column, offering tips on how to cope with the seasonal rush. The strategies , actually, apply to any time of the year. For instance: learn to  triage (as in prioritize with gusto!); learn to say no; stay organized by writing things down; self-nurture; procrastinate positively — and more.

I thought it would be worth re-posting it  if you are interested in reading the full article.

In the meantime, as we rush through the season, let’s not forget to pause long enough to notice and enjoy what’s meant to be noticed and what’s meant to be enjoyed.

May you have an abundance of what’s meaningful this holiday season.

As always, to a TGIM Work-Life!




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