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Emotional Intelligence at Work — for Financial Advisors

August 13, 2008

I was just quoted in an article published in the current issue of Advisor’s Edge Magazine. The article explored various assessments to help companies hire the right fit. I talked to the reporter about emotional intelligence and how one’s EQ impacts one’s potential for success at work.  

Given that, I thought I’d highlight an article I wrote for Canadian HR Reporter on EQ: Emotional Intelligence at Work.

For those that aren’t familiar with my work in the coaching world – I am certified in the BarON EQi assessment (the world’s first assessment to measure emotional intelligence). As a certified coach, I incorporate EQ (coaching, philosophy and assessments) in most of my coaching assignments.

I have ramped up my certification another notch and added EQ360 to my roster. Where the EQi gives a self-reported assessment of one’s EQ, the EQi360, expands the picture to include the perceptions of others in your work and life. It is a powerful tool both to further develop your self awareness — and potential to further develop your performance, fulfillment and relationships at work (and in life). 

If you are interested in learning more — get in touch!

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