It’s All About the People….

A client of mine (on the communications/PR side of my biz) recently retired from her role as VP Communications of the organization she’s worked with for the past 10 years.  I’ve had the privilege of working with her these past 6 years (I provide communications counsel) and have come to know her quite well.  In the days leading up to her farewell party – and at the party itself — I’d heard her reminisce about her career and repeatedly say: “It’s all about the people.” In her parting words, she counseled her younger staff to remember how important and valuable relationships are in one’s work-life – in many cases, even more important than the actual work!

“It’s all about the people”.  I couldn’t agree more. To read more -><>

All of my most memorable work experiences (the happiest chapters) have all had a fabulous “people factor”.  I’m blessed to say that my network is vast — filled with amazing individuals I’ve met over the years in various work endeavors.  This past month has my calendar has been filled with reunions, get-togethers, catch-up conversations with work friends from the past – and with newer relationships from my current work-life.  It’s been a blast!

Just one of many….this past Thursday, I went to a reunion of former colleagues who had been part of the very early days of Environics CommunicationsThe company, initially founded by Bruce Maclellan and Bob Pickard and currently lead/owned by Bruce,  is now heading into its 14th year in biz so we all go quite a long way back. Seven us gathered to reminisce, laugh and just re-connect. Some of us had been in touch all these years and some of the gang still works together.  The point is those relationships created work-life experiences that were memorable — and we all were delighted to stay in touch and reconnect. That to me says something powerful.

(Environics Communications alumni from early, early  days: From left to right: Eileen Chadnick, Dan Tisch, Andrew Berthoff, Carole Hencher, Kim Race, Mary Beth Denomy, Bruce Maclellan)

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been connecting to many other work friends these past few weeks. Worth noting that in these get-togethers, we chat about work stuff — but also about life outside of work.  What makes these relationships meaningful is that we have come to know and appreciate one another for who we are – and not just our titles/roles/work functions. 

Getting to know and appreciating those you work with as people – and not just working widgets — can make a powerful difference to the quality of your work-life experience…and your life in general.

This is something I often bring to many of my workshops and presentations because I think it is a powerful engagement driver for work (and life!). The nature of the work is important – but never under-estimate the power of the “people factor” to make or break your TGIM work-life experience.

You don’t have to become friends with everybody….nor do you have to commit to a lifelong relationship. But think about those people who you see every day — Do you know what makes them tick? What their passions are? Their hobbies? For some work environments (like Environics) this comaraderie comes naturally. And for some individuals – it’s easy too. But not so for everyone. 

So a few TGIM inspiring questions…….

What can you do to ramp up the quality of the “People factor” experience in your work-life today?

Who can you get to know a little better – as a person?

If you are a leader – how can you support this part of work-life?

Where does this “people factor” show up in your engagement strategies? Think in terms of both formal and informal practices?

What relationships from your past work-lives would be nice to rekindle? Even if just a hello in an email (or on Facebook or Linked in)?

What difference would a little more friendship and camaraderie make in your day-to-day work experience?

If you currently work in an environment that is light on the social comaraderie quotient, you may want to read an article from Canadian HR Reporter that I was quoted in earlier this year: Making Social Committees Work.

In the meantime, thank you to all those who have made a difference in my work(and life) over the years simply by being you and taking an interest in me as a person. 

To the “people factor” — and to your TGIM work-life!





One Response to “It’s All About the People….”

  1. Herman Najoli Says:

    People are an organization’s greatest asset. Every organization rises and falls based on the quality of people within it. If you have big minds around you will do big things. If you have small minds around you are in a ton of trouble.

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