Webinar: Assertiveness at Work

I’ll be presenting a Webinar called “Assertiveness at Work” on May 21st for the CICA (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants). If you are interested in this topic, email me – I might be able to arrange some access for a few more people.

Here’s the Webinar promo description:

Do you occasionally (or often) feel held back in your career because you haven’t appropriately asserted yourself? Do you find it challenging to promote yourself, your views and your opinions?

Do you feel uncomfortable and/or hesitate to speak up — especially on issues that might involve some conflict? Do you find yourself frequently saying yes — when you’d rather say no?

….. Whether you have an outgoing or shy disposition, there are assertiveness skills you can develop to help you more effectively and authentically express yourself in a variety of work and life situations……

If interested in developing assertiveness – either for yourself and/or others in your work-life, contact me to learn more/explore coaching and/or workshop possibiliites. Assertiveness is part of the emotional intelligence spectrum and is increasingly becoming an area of focus for me in my practice. 

Hey did you notice how I just asserted myself in that previous paragraph…..well, gotta practice what I preach!:)

To being authentic, self-expressed and getting more of what you want! Sounds like a TGIM work-life!

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One Response to “Webinar: Assertiveness at Work”

  1. Will O'Neill Says:

    Just want to chime in and say that Eileen recently presented a webinar for our organization, the Financial Planners Standards Council, and we found her presentation to be engaging, informative and entertaining. I would encourage anyone who is able to attend Eileen’s upcoming webinar for CICA to do so, as I have no doubt that it will be excellent.

    Break a leg, Eileen!

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