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Assertiveness Teleclass Series – need your input!

May 20, 2008

Because I buried the ‘lead’ in yesterday’s post:)….here I am again, ‘asserting myself’…this time more clearly:)

I am developing a teleclass series (Assertiveness at Work) to build on the Webinar I’m presenting tomorrow and need your input. If you think you might be interested, please take a moment to complete a very short questionnaire. This will help me suss out i) if there’s enough interest out there to offer such a program and ii) to meet the needs of those most interested.

It’s fast (the questionnaire), it’s quick and it’s HERE….THE LINK TO A QUICK SURVEY.

Thanks and to a TGIM work-life!

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New! Teleclass Series: “Assertiveness at Work” for January 2009

May 19, 2008

UPDATE – as of DECEMBER 2, 2008:

More than 700 people registered for my  CICA-hosted Webinar “Assertiveness at Work” this past spring (May). That’s a lot of interest! Leaders of all levels find themselves stretched as the stakes of work and life keep getting higher. Competent and talented — they recognize that assertiveness is not an all or none proposition. Fuency in assertiveness skills is personal and for many of us, can be further developed over time. Part of the emotional intellegence skillset, assertiveness plays a role in the degree that we are fulfilled, how effectively we perform — and generally how much we get of what we want and need in work and life.

Does this resonate with you? If so, please take notice….Drumroll please…..(darn I’m buring the lead in this post:)

INTRODUCING: the  Big Cheese Coaching Lab© — with the first offering focusing on a Teleclass series on: “Assertiveness at Work”.

 I am offering a six-week group coaching teleclass series (weekly)- starting this January 2009. The proposed starting date is: January 13th at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. However, if there is enough interest for an additional time I may add a second group.

I would like to keep the group size small (up to about 10 or so people) so first come first serve. If interested, pls contact me and we can schedule a brief phone chat to see if this is a fit for you.  I will have a promo developed shortly with additional info (topics; fees; etc.) and would be happy to email to those who express interest.

There is still time to share some of your own input! In the spirit of the Big Cheese Coaching Lab©No obligation but if you would like: You can TAKE A COUPLE MOMENTS TO COMPLETE A SHORT SURVEY HERE. 

Please assert yourself and make your voice heard!:)

Additional articles: See my CICA “Ask a Coach” article on assertiveness here.

And check back soon for more details!

Till then, here’s to a TGIM worklife!


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Is TGIM turning over a new leaf….er… page on the calendar?

May 19, 2008

This just in: Mondays are out and Tuesdays are in!

Well, in Britain that is…

The Globe and Mail ran a brief on Friday revealing some new stats: According to a recent survey conducted by a company called Peninsula in Britain, nearly half (48%) of British workers now consider Tuesday to be the most productive day of the week, beating out Monday for the first time. 

Apparantly this is a reversal from five years ago, when 36% chose Monday and only 24% said Tuesday was the hardest day of the week.

Why the switch? According to Deb Gibbons, head of employee relations for Peninsula, Mondays tend to be the day for more socializing, catching up, greater levels of sickness and absenteeism, etc… “the real work gets done on Tuesday”.

Absenteeism, sickness…..on Mondays?????  Well, that’s not good! Sounds like a call for some TGIM boosting wouldn’t you say???

So maybe we’re not so passe after all. Maybe I’ll keep the name of this blog afterall. TGIT (thank goodness it’s Tuesday) just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

In any case, wishing you a TGIM day on this lovely holiday weekend Monday  (in Canada anyways).


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Webinar: Assertiveness at Work

May 7, 2008

I’ll be presenting a Webinar called “Assertiveness at Work” on May 21st for the CICA (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants). If you are interested in this topic, email me – I might be able to arrange some access for a few more people.

Here’s the Webinar promo description:

Do you occasionally (or often) feel held back in your career because you haven’t appropriately asserted yourself? Do you find it challenging to promote yourself, your views and your opinions?

Do you feel uncomfortable and/or hesitate to speak up — especially on issues that might involve some conflict? Do you find yourself frequently saying yes — when you’d rather say no?

….. Whether you have an outgoing or shy disposition, there are assertiveness skills you can develop to help you more effectively and authentically express yourself in a variety of work and life situations……

If interested in developing assertiveness – either for yourself and/or others in your work-life, contact me to learn more/explore coaching and/or workshop possibiliites. Assertiveness is part of the emotional intelligence spectrum and is increasingly becoming an area of focus for me in my practice. 

Hey did you notice how I just asserted myself in that previous paragraph…..well, gotta practice what I preach!:)

To being authentic, self-expressed and getting more of what you want! Sounds like a TGIM work-life!

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