Coaching Skills for Leaders (workshop)

I’m getting ready to deliver a two-day workshop at ProjectWorld’s conference this Wed and Thurs. Held in Toronto, it’s called, “Coaching Skills for Leaders” – This conference is targeted specifically to project managers and business analysts — but the content of my workshop is relevant for all leaders. 

Why coaching skills for leaders? Well as articulated in the promo piece (which I wrote:)…..”Technical skills alone just don’t cut these days. Nor is managing projects enough to succeed. Leaders must inspire their people; develop, support and engage them to actualize their potential to meet employee, team and organizational goals. Thus coaching skills are fast becoming a highly valued area of competency for leaders in today’s fast-paced, competitive and continuously evolving world of work.” 

Read here for the full description of the workshop.

Know anyone who’d be interested (think there are a few spots still left)? Or perhaps to bring this kind of learning into your organization? If so, get in touch!

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