A Brand New Year…Welcome 2008! Goal-Setting Anyone?

Wow… 2008! A brand new year and where I’m at right now is waking up to a snow-blanketed morning. Nice metaphor….everything is fresh, white, anew…just like the brand new year.

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It’s been exactly a whole year since I’ve launched this blog. Thank you WordPress for making this blog stuff so accessible! It’s been fun…and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Joe Thornley, who encouraged me to start blogging in the first place. Joe is  a pioneer in this kind of social media stuff and was right when he said this would be a rewarding experience. And thank you to all of you who have in some way connected with me and/or this blog this past year. Some of you have subscribed (to the blog and/or even my newsletter….yay!) — and some have  even shared a comment or two here. Thousands of people have in someway connected to this blog. I look forward to more in 2008!

These past few days I’ve been doing a lot of reflection (see post below for Qs to inspire your own reflection). After doing my 2007 ‘completion’ I’m so energized and inspired and ready for the year ahead. Building on my past year, I’ve got new goals, hopes, ambitions…..

How about you?

If you’re into goal-setting or New Year’s resolutions – you might be interested in this article that I’ve written and posted last year at this time. I’ve changed the dates – but the content is still relevant. In essence, it’s a bit of a guide to goal setting for the year ahead.

The gist is as follows: goals are great as they can energize us and move us forward. But goals for goals sake don’t work. They have to be meaningful, relevant, tangible…and some say time-specific (on that last point, I say that’s important for some goals – but others are more ongoing and unfolding in nature. Still, it is important to be regularly checking in on progress and milestones). Also – goals without proper planning and support can end being simply wishful thinking. So make sure your intentions line up well with those goals that are most important to you.

Aristotle was quoted as saying: “Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he reaching out and striving for goals.”

May you have the heart, wisdom and fortitude to reach out and succeed towards your most meaningful goals this year. And if you need any help…..well, I know a coach or two who’s standing by:)

Happy New Year and to a TGIM worklife for the year ahead!


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2 Responses to “A Brand New Year…Welcome 2008! Goal-Setting Anyone?”

  1. Joseph Thornley Says:

    My personal favourite from your list:
    “Step #3: Pick the hotspots that resonate at a gut level
    Look at your future-self list. How will you feel when you achieve those goals/wants? Which ones from the list energize you when you think about them? Leave behind the ones that leave you flat – they are probably ‘shoulds’ and hold little meaning for you. Focus on areas that give you energy. There’s something in those that are important to you.”
    Advice to live by.
    Thanks for a great 2007. And here’s to an even better 2008!

  2. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    Hey thanks Joe! I like those too….we have to feel resonance with our goals otherwise….well, you know what happens:)

    Tnx for reading this….and for everything!

    To 08!

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