Questions for Your New Year’s Reflection

Hello! Another year past– and a fresh new year ahead! It’s just a day and a half till the new year. A perfect opportunity to take some time to reflect. Before jumping ahead to next year’s goals, dreams and resolutions (if you’re so inclined), perhaps you’d like to take some time to complete the year past with some acknowledgements and reflection?

Each year-end I use some of these and other questions to guide my reflection. Perhaps you’ll find them of value to yourself? Take whatever time you like to wonder/ponder/reflect on any or all of these. Consider both your professional and personal life.


1) What accomplishments from the past year are you most proud of?

2) What successes have you forgotten or perhaps overlooked — that you might want to acknowledge yourself for now (e.g. a task well done; new learning; a courageous act; other?)

3) What did you learn about yourself last year?

4) In what way(s) have you grown? Who have you ‘become’ in the evolution of “you”? (e.g. wiser, more courageous, more open….etc.?)

5) What are you choosing to let go of this year so you can begin fresh in the New Year?

6) What were the high points of the past year?

7) What inspiration (a moment, thought/idea; experience) will you carry forward in the year ahead?

8 ) How would you complete the following sentence: “This was the year of ___” (fill in the blank with a word or phrase that captures a theme most meaningful for you)


1) What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead?

2) What do you want more of in the year ahead?

3) What do you want less of?

4) What new learning goals do you have for yourself for the year ahead?

5) What other goals are important to you right now?

6) How will you actualize these goals?

7) What structures/plans/supports will you put in place to make them happen and keep you “on your game”?

8 ) How will you have fun this year?

9) What will ‘balance’ look like to you this year? And how will you honour that?

10) What relationships will you invest more of yourself in this year?

11) In what way would you like to see yourself grow (i.e. via experience, personal development, other)

12) How would you complete the following sentence: “This will be the year of ___” (identify a phrase that conveys a theme most meaningful to you).

These are just a few ‘thought-starter’ questions….but hopefully they’ll inspire your own meaningful year-end/New Year reflection.

Parting word…

The one who asks questions doesn’t lose his way” (Akan proverb)

To celebrating the year past and beginning a fresh new TGIM year!



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