If you are new to my blog …

That was fun! I just saw my two minute speal on CBC’s Living in Toronto. The end frame invited people to my blog. Given there may be newcomers to my blog interested in Monday morning and/or back to work tips (after Mondays or holidays), I thought I’d post a few links for easy access to some of the more popular posts on that topic. 

Here’s a few (you can see more by clicking on the Monday Morning or TGIM Mindset categegory):

Tips to make the Big-ness of Monday just a little bit lighter

Finding flow: Intense Work but without the Struggle

Beat Back to Work September Blues

Now before I give you the wrong impression – know that this blog is about much more than ‘beating the work blues’:(……..so have a browse around…or if you want to read an at-a-glance description see “About TGIM Work-life Blog”

In any case – aren’t you glad it’s Monday?

If not – then  you better keep reading and visit often! Glad to have you!


One Response to “If you are new to my blog …”

  1. Will O'Neill Says:

    Hi Eileen,

    Ann mentioned in passing that you were an active blogger, so I sought you out – look forward to reading what you’ve got to say! Congratulations on the CBC piece!

    Personally, I feel my personal life is more repetitive than my job is, so I don’t mind Mondays at all. Does this make me lucky? 🙂

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