In The News – See today’s Globe and Mail

If you have a Globe and Mail around, check out today’s Globe Career section. I’m quoted in Martin Sloftsra’s column “Diary of a Job Hunter“. Or alternatively, you can read it here online.

Martin, who recently lost his job as a long-time and high profile editor in the tech world,  has been writing a weekly column sharing his job search ‘journey’ these past 5 or so weeks. If you haven’t seen it, you can find the whole series online here. It’s a great read. Martin is so authentic in his writing. His experience (and open mind) have taught him many lessons about career navigation with many surprises along the way. He started out with a strong and fixed view on what he thought his next ‘perfect’ job might be….but as you will read, he’s had many surprises along the way….and discoveries about what’s really important to him.

He’s still in the midst of that journey so I don’t want to scoop him (read his past and upcoming columns!). But I do want to reinforce a theme that was mentioned in today’s column that Martin and I talked about — and I alluded to in yesterdays’ blog post: 

 That is the search for the “Perfect Job” (holy grail) that meets all your life’s needs can sometimes be a trap. It’s great to take time out to reflect on what an ‘ideal’ job might be…….but it’s also important to consider how work fits into the bigger picture of your life….and what is important to you (values, interests, strengths, passions) that work-life might fulfill…..and additionally, what other possibilities are there to consider in and out of work (e.g. can volunteer or hobbies fulfill a particular passion that might not be work-related?).

None of this implies I think we should settle for worklife that’s just okay. Just okay…is definitely not going to cut it for a TGIM work and life. But sometimes holding out for that eternal perfect….well, it can keep us on the sidelines from truly expressing, experiencing and actualizing our best.  Sometimes things are perfect right now…even with some imperfections.

Martin, thanks for including me in your journey….and keep up the great writing….and the exploring…I’m confident that you will indeed find (or create) your TGIM worklife when the fit is right. 

To a TGIM work and life!


2 Responses to “In The News – See today’s Globe and Mail”

  1. Christine Smith Says:

    Wonderful to read your name this morning (again!) in the Career section of the Globe & Mail. I’ve been following this column and your advice to this job seeker, as always, is sound. So much of what we seek in life is created by how we think. And, as you’ve often advised, revising our thinking often results in success. Thanks.

  2. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    Thanks Christine!

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