How linked is passion to work-life success?

How linked is passion to work-life success? Well if you ask this year’s recipients in both the 20 under 20 and the 40 under 40 – award programs you’ll likely hear a whole heck of a lot. Passion and success go hand in hand.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are a few quotables to consider: 

Akela Peoples, founder and president of Youth in Motion, the non-profit organization that runs the ’20 under 20′ awards program, said the recipients are all cut from the same cloth. She was quoted in the Globe and Mail as saying: “The commonality is that they’ve all latched on to a passion. ….We’re trying to help young people understand that there’s a strong connection between doing work you love and being happy and successful in life. We all know it isn’t just the A students who go on to be successful.”

(Well said Akela! I especially love that last phrase….do I hear a plug for emotional intelligence at work here?!)

Vivek Rao, a heart surgeon and recipient of the 40 under 40 awards program was quoted in the Globe as saying: “No amount of praise, or money, or obligation will get you out of bed in the morning. You’ve got to loe what you do.”

Each of the recipients made tremendous contributions in various ways in different fields. Not only did they enjoy their work but they made a difference. So passion isn’t just about self-fulfilmment. It’s also related to contribution. Making a difference.

Hmmm. Passion, success, contribution….gets ya thinking, huh?

Qs for thought:

  1. What of your gifts, skills, talents are you bringing to work – how does that add to the ‘passion factor’? How about the contribution factor? (hint: not sure you see the connection…..ready my past posts on signature strengths)?
  2. Is it ever to late to find your passion and find ways to bring more of it to work and life? (NO – IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! sorry….not so much as a hint as a HOLLAR:)
  3. What is it to love what you do even if it isn’t necessarily the ‘perfect’ job — and does it have to be perfect for you to be engaged, successful – and make a difference?

 I invite you to read about this year’s winners – there stories are very inspiring. See Top 20 Under 20 and Top 40 Under 40

As always, would love to hear from you….stories, comments, questions. Bring them on!

And have yourself a TGIM week….by creating it!


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