Hey – Bugger off My Lunch! Err…in the News Again

What do you do when  a co-worker steals (ahem….I mean: ‘perhaps accidentally takes your lunch’:) from the fridge at work? Rant’n’rave? Send a nasty email? Something else?

Well, see today’s Globe and Mail, Life Section. Profiled today in the “Weekly Look at Work Culture” by Craig Silverman. Craig called me for some comments on how to handle this and other work-related sticky situations. A few of my tips were included in the piece. Check it out: buy a copy or see the online version.

Oh and you’ll enjoy a peek at the blog source that the Globe referenced: see “passiveaggressivenotes

A few more tips that didn’t make it into the edit (the final article):  

  1. Pause before you send that nasty email. An email sent from emotion can stir more trouble than you want. Write if you must – but hold it till you calm down. Re-read and re-write if necessary (or get someone else to advise/help/etc.)
  2. Ask yourself: Is this the best way to handle the situation. What else can I do? What’s the most professional way of communicating?
  3. Am I the best one to send the message? Is there someone else who can have a better impact (e.g. HR; office manager, etc?)
  4. How do I want to show up in this situation? Take the higher road and model respect and professional conduct – or dive right into the food fight?!?

Well ‘nuf said for now….I have to go check my fridge to see if my lunch is still there:)

May your lunch be safe and all yours on this fine TGIMworklife Monday!

P.S. see “In the News” – for other media articles that I’ve been in.


One Response to “Hey – Bugger off My Lunch! Err…in the News Again”

  1. Darlene Says:

    Hi Eileen,

    The satisfaction of sending the message feels so good in the moment. Then I stew and second guess, and backgrack for days. Do I learn form this? No! I am self-expressed but not always wise. Would I rather be wise, but unexpressed? I don’t think so. But I pay the price.

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