Core Values in Action at the ICF Prism Award Ceremony

Big Cheese Coaching and Tribute Communities were in great company on Friday at the International Coach Federation (ICF) Prism Award Ceremony. As one of this year’s award recipients, we had an opportunity to present and share the highlights of our story. The room was filled with coaches, clients and others interested in learning about how coaching in the workplace could make a difference in leadership, engagement, performance – and other areas.  Congratulations as well to the other three winning organizations and the coaches – as I said, we were in great company (see full list here).

Tribute’s program was about building on success through engagement of its people. Tribute builds great communities and has been doing so for 25 years. Part of our work involved shifting the lense inwards to explore the internal community at Tribute (the diverse, talent that makes things happen every day). Starting with an exploration of the company’s core values and articulating a central purpose, we involved the whole company. The initiative unfolded over a year (group and individual coaching; company-wide meetings; communications strategy; a core values in action plan and more…). The outcomes were many: New ways of being/working together; new initiatives to energize and acknowledge the talent; leadership development — and much more.


This picture was of a few of us getting ready for the Globe and Mail photo shoot (see resulting article). There’s a more formal picture below of the Tribute gang at the event.

I was so proud to be part of this winning team – and particularly my client, Tribute Communities that truly earned this award.  Who’d guess that a home-building company would be leading the way as an ambassador for coaching at the workplace? Two years ago (when we met), they hadn’t even really heard about coaching (coaching is still fairly new afterall). But in its 25 years in business, Tribute has proven to be a leader in so many ways. So in hindsight, it’s not surprising that they’d lead in this arena too.

From my perspective, they are a dream client: respectful, open and innovative,  collaborative — and lots of fun!

But enough gushing for one day! There were a lot of gems of learning from all of the winners. I’ll share some of the themes that emerged in a subsquent post. But for now – if you’d like to hear more about how to create a TGIM worklife experience in your organization, well….I hope you’ll give me a call:)

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P.S. Here’s the Tribute gang at the event – with yours truly in the middle holding the Prism award and saying “Big Cheese”!

One Response to “Core Values in Action at the ICF Prism Award Ceremony”

  1. Herman Najoli Says:

    Congratulations and great job! This is what life is all about: helpign people achieve their dreams and become winners. I can’t wait to read the subsequent post!

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