Emotional Intelligence at Work: Don’t leave home without it

Competition is fiercer. Workloads heavier. Timelines tighter. Change constant. And your VP just left to pick up the kids because his nanny quit unexpectantly. Work-life in the new millenium — sooooo, how are you holding up? How about your people? Getting the best from them? From yourself? Retention okay? Or is your talent wearing thin? 

It might be time to pay closer attention to your EQ (emotional intelligence) — and/or that of your team (or company). When the going gets tough — as is inevitable in biz these days — survival of the fittest is not longer about who’s got the highest IQ…or the best ‘technical’ skills. Emotional intelligence is where it’s at and what’s distinguishing top performers from those who just get by…or worse, fall out of the game all together.

 Want to hear more? Click here to read the article I wrote for the current issue of Canadian HR Reporter.

 Want to hear more about how an “EQ at work” program can make a difference to you and your team? Call or write me to start a conversation.

To thriving — not just surviving — in work and life!


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2 Responses to “Emotional Intelligence at Work: Don’t leave home without it”

  1. Marissa Says:

    I definitely think EQ is one component of retaining top talent, extracting high quality work, increasing productivity, etc. But I wonder if those with “low EQ” are only “underperforming” because they don’t have the tools or the control to manage the balance between achieving at work and at life. I think that CultureRx’s Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) is the future of the workplace. A place where each person can control the way they work best. Maybe it’s not excluding certain types of people but changing the environment so that each person can be a stellar employee. ROWE is definitely working for Best Buy!

  2. Personal Development Resource Says:

    Emotional IQ and Finance

    There are two areas that people fall into when it comes to your economic status. There is one area the rich fall into, and then there is the area that everyone else falls into. These are the two areas: Those who work for the system, and those of whom t…

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