In the News (Globe and Mail): Coaches don’t always demand more push-ups

Big Cheese Coaching and my client, Tribute Communities, are in the news today! As a result of winning the International Coach Federation Prism Award, the Globe and Mail did a feature in the Careers section. Virginia Galt interviewed myself and two leaders from Tribute Communities management team, David Speigel and Cindy Kunz. The article appears in this weekend’s “Career Coach” section. 

YOU CAN READ IT HERE WHILE IT’S ONLINE – or better yet, if you’re out today, buy a copy. 


The headline sets up the story beautifully with reference to David Speigel’s comments about his only previous experience with coaching being that of the athletic kind and his curiousity (and subsequent engagement) with the workplace brand of coaching….(Btw, …there’s a a little irony here  because I just happen to also have a degree in fitness and used to be a fitness trainer :)…so who knows, I may just add in those crunches and push-ups at some point. Kidding.

I love this metaphor because, in essence, this work is in some ways like core training — I do core training (coaching and development work) for leaders (of varying levels), teams and companies who want to make more of a difference in their work lives. As I’ve said in previous posts – we start with the inside first and bring our strengths, awareness, growth to our outer game (the goals/results we want in work and life). We’ll be sharing more about the Tribute Communities success story at the International Coach Federation Prism Awards event on May 25th.

For now, I want to acknowledge the whole Management team at Tribute Communities (and many, many more from the broader team) that were involved with the program — and contributed tremendously towards making this program a great success.

Tribute goes to: Al Libfeld (President/co-founder of Tribute who championed this coaching program from the get-go); Cindy Kunz, Wally Kunz, David Speigel, Dino Scagnetto, Mark Cohen, Mary Liolios, Jeff Brandwein, Ray Jankelow, Sandra Noest….all champions in their own right. And to the many others at Tribute who stepped up so fully into this program and made a difference. 

Stay tuned for subsequent Posts when I’ll share some pics from a team photo we took on Thursday while waiting for the Globe photographer.


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