NEWS: Big Cheese Coaching Wins Prism Award with Tribute Communities

BIG news for Big Cheese Coaching this week! The International Coach Federation (GTA chapter) has announced its winners for the 2007 Prism Awards and guess who’s in the winners circle? I am very excited to share the news that my client, Tribute Communities, has been chosen as one of this year’s recipients of the prestigious award. The Prism award honours excellence in business (or organizational) performance and leadership through coaching initiatives. As their coach, I get a spot in the winners circle too (it’s a lovely place to be:).

ICF will host an event ceremony on May 25th. The winners will be presented with their awards and share their stories of how coaching impacted their business and work-lives. We share this honour with three other award recipients.  Read the ICF release here.

Awards aside, this is a wonderful story about employee engagement; passion; leadership excellence; professional and personal development — and much more! I don’t want scoop too much just yet — we’re getting ready to share our story in the days/weeks ahead leading up to the event — but I do want to say that this client relationship has made my work-life so meaningful this past year and a half. I’m so honoured and blessed to have the opportunity to partner with such a terrific group of people.

Congratulations and thank you Tribute. I’ll be paying more Tribute to you and your (our) award in the days ahead.

ADDENDUM (May 7th): See “In the News” to read the news coverage.  And please visit home page of this blog to read more about TGIM worklife!

Stay tuned for more!

One Response to “NEWS: Big Cheese Coaching Wins Prism Award with Tribute Communities”

  1. Jennifer McLean Says:

    This is a huge honor and well deserved. Congratulations!

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