Next Big Leadership Development Trend: Horsing around….

 I can’t believe I spent all that time, effort and $ to become certified in coaching and, more recently, the EQ-i system (emotional intelligence)! When instead, I could’ve/shoud’ve been taking horseback riding lessons!

 That’s right – I just found out that the latest leadership development trend is — get this: horseback riding.

Yuppers – heard it with my own two ears this morning on CBC Radio – a Metro Morning news story.

Apparantly, there’s a company in Alberta (sorry, missed the name) that sent its leadership team out to the barn to learn how to more effectively communicate with horses. Guess, they figure if you can teach a horse to trot, cantor and gallup – well, all the more possibilities with your own team back at the ranch…, I mean office.

 Hmmm. Giddy up anyone?

(photo courtesy of Flickr – dsutherland)



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    Achieve Leadership

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