Do you know your Signature Strengths?

Great leadership (at all levels) starts with knowing yourself. Know what is important to you; what you stand for; what your values, passions and strengths are -and of course, know what your challenges and gaps are.  Of course all this must align with the bigger picture of organizational/team/group context.  But if you don’t know yourself – it’s more challenging to be an effective, inspiring leader of others.

Self awareness is a very big part of emotional intelligence. There’s lots to know and it’s a lifelong  journey…one that evolves, unfolds as you grow and experience life. 

A great tool to explore your strengths is the Via Signature Strengths developed by Martin Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness and founder of positive psychology. 

If you haven’t already discovered this great tool – go to the Authentic Happiness site and find the Via Signature Strengths test. It will give you a ranking of 24 strengths. You’ll want to be paying particularly close attention to those that rank in the top 5 or so. The idea is to work, live and play to your strengths as often as you can. This leads to more success and fulfillment.

More on this later…but for now, I say Monday morning is just a few hours away. Do yourself a favour and start the week by ‘remembering who you are’ from a place of strength.

Enjoy and here’s to a great start to a TGIM work week!



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