Part I: Tod Maffin Wow’s the crowd at IABC!

Part I: I just got back from an amazing morning at IABC’s Breakfast Seminar in Toronto on social media with CBC’s Tod Maffin. We had two hours in the morning then a group of us who have earned the ABC designation (Accredited Business Communicator) were invited for a special lunch for more.

Tod packed the house in both sessions and he delivered! He has an enormous wealth of expertise on the whole gamut related to social media and the Web 2.0 — which for myself as a coach, a communicator and now a  blogger…I want to be in the know of key trends in our work-lives. 

Passion and authenticity: But content aside, he was also so incredibly engaging and inspiring as a presenter that you couldn’t help but have a fabulous time along the way. What was clear to me was that this guy is authentic. He’s passionate about what he does….and does a terrific job in engaging his audiences.

I had the opportunity to sit with Tod at lunch and told him that I thought he was a very talented speaker. He humbly said “when you’re passionate about what you do it comes more naturally.” 

Well good point Tod! Passion serves us in so many ways….when we connect with our authentic passion we do come across more alive, engaged, energetic.

But alas, I know from experience (as an attendee of other presentations and as a speaker) that passion alone doesn’t always cut it. There are a host of skills and competencies that go with the challenge of ‘wow’ing an audience.  Or for that matter – engaging, inspiring anyone we connect with in our work-lives. Your employees, your peers, your customers, etc.

For instance: Knowing who you are; being authentic; having confidence; having a message; knowing your audience; showing empathy and respect, a good (and appropriate) sense of humour; ability to be articulate…..practising….honing these skills and ways of ‘being’….and the list goes on.

So kudos to IABC for putting this on…and to Tod for such an engaging presentation.

AND SEPARATELY……from all the take-aways that I took away:) there was another nugget from Tod’s talk that I specifically wanted to share with this TGIM community.

So as not to ‘bury the lead’ (i.e. leave the juicy bits till the end) — I am going to share this in a separate post (see Part II: The Chief Humanizing Officer).  

 And as always – would love to hear from you….about passion, inspiring communications, social media — work-life…BRING IT ON!:)


5 Responses to “Part I: Tod Maffin Wow’s the crowd at IABC!”

  1. Gary Schlee Says:

    Great post, Eileen. I had contemplated posting about Maffin’s presentation, but instead deferred to the fact that Joe Thornley also covered it on his Pro PR blog.

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  3. Donna Papacosta Says:

    Great post, Eileen. I have seen Tod speak in large groups and small and he’s fantastic.

  4. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    Thanks! It was definitely worth attending from a content pov — but also it was fun!!!

  5. In Greater Vancouver? See my “Recruiting the Facebook Generation” speech! : Tod Maffin .com Says:

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