Just for fun….

Welcome to Monday! With a shiny new week ahead….I was wondering if you included anything on your ‘to do’ list that is ‘just for fun’ — or at least something really meaningful ‘just for you’?

Remember, if you don’t make time or space for it – it may not happen.

 Yoga anyone? 


In case you are wondering, this isn’t just any cat – meet Caesar (one of my two furry feline companions). This is when he was just a little guy. He’s bigger now but despite a very busy and demanding lifestyle (you know….chasing, scratching, pouncing…)  he still makes time for yoga and lots of cat naps. Even though life gets busy, he says a balanced life makes all the difference!

P.S. I’m very excited that I finally figured out how to do the photo thing on this blog:)

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