Big Cheese Coaching is in the News!

I’m feeling quite famous today:)

The Globe and Mail did a lovely piece today (Thank God it’s….Monday?). Wallace Immen from the career sections profiled my client, Aimee Deziel (who is a superstar in her own right) — and interviewed yours truly as well. I did the interview way back in January, shortly after starting this blog and was delighted to read the article this morning.

Hope you enjoy it. Read here.

MORE NEWS….I was recently quoted in another article from Investment Executive on motivational DVDs. The reporter had just heard of The Secret (DVD) and wanted some input from a coaching perspective. I hadn’t yet seen the Secret but offered my thoughts on motivational DVDs in general. I’ve since read The Secret and will post my thoughts on that in a separate  entry.

Read the article here.

Hope you enjoy the and if you have any other tips for Monday mornings and/or general worklife fulfillment – please share them!


7 Responses to “Big Cheese Coaching is in the News!”

  1. davidzinger Says:

    That’s a big hunk of cheese in the Globe and Mail. Well done.
    A lot of Gouda ideas!

  2. Joseph Thornley Says:

    Congratulations on the Wallace Immen article in the Globe. It is good coverage well deserved.

    I can testify from Thornley Fallis’ experience with you that your counsel is invaluable to up and coming employees who want to grow and overcome the inevitable challenges of increased responsibility and the need to perform.

    You’ve made a real contribution to the growth of the people in our firm. And I’m hoping that you keep doing this.

  3. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    Joe, thank you so much for this generous comment and for all of your support. I am truly honoured to work with your people – it’s a fantastic partnership and as they grow, I certainly continue to grow too!

  4. Aimee Deziel Says:

    Eileen –

    It might be my picture the “star” of the article is you. Thanks for making such a difference in my “worklife” it’s been a fabulous experience and one that has provided tangible results for me and my company.

    Thanks again for thinking of me!


  5. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    Thank you Aimee! What a nice thing to say. I think we make a great team…you know what they say: Great things happen when people work well together! Thanks for being you and for what you bring to this journey!


  6. doren Says:

    nice. awesome job.

  7. Darlene Says:

    Hi Eileen,

    Love what you have to say about motivational DVDs. It’s no secret, you are the real thing.


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