How’s Your Emotional Intelligence?

Just a quick update on some news in my coaching practice: Last week I completed certification for the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi ®) and Emotional Power programs. This area (assessment tool and coaching focus) really compliments my previous coach training and experience (bio).

I’ve always had an interest in the ‘inner game’ of our work and lives and have a deep appreciation for how our EQ (emotional quotient or emotional intelligence) can have a profound impact on how we manage and experience our ‘outer game’ (the results we achieve in our work and lives).

My coaching approach and philosophy has always been grounded in that ‘inside-out’ approach. Get to know yourself well (ongoing pursuit) and continuously develop your ability to manage self — – and from there, navigate your external circumstances more effectively and with more personal meaning and resonance.  It’s a journey and different for each individual. But that’s the essence.

In some ways, I’ve come full circle because the EQi and I have a long history. About 10 years ago, I actually did the media relations for the PR launch introducing the  EQi in North America when I worked at Environics Communications. Back then the term, emotional intelligence was just gaining ground when Daniel Goleman published his book “Emotional Intelligence”.  The concept already existed but Goleman’s book raised tremendous awareness around EQ — and its relationship to success in work and life.

Developed by Reuven BarOn, the EQi is a powerful system that when applied appropriately (with coaching and/or other professionals trained in the system and related fields) it can help people (and groups) get a snapshot of their emotional fluency in different areas  of competency within problem solving, managing interpersonal relationships; understanding and managing one’s self; adapting to change; managing stress and our general sense of wellbeing and happiness.  The key of course is to apply that ’emotional fluency’ to our real lives and work context. That’s where coaching comes in.

The good news about EQ (Emotional Quotient) is that it is not a static measure. Whereas IQ tends to be static – we can indeed develop our EQ/emotional intelligence. And that really is the thrust of my work. And it’s how I live my own life….in constant state of development….growing…and with that growth, experiencing more success and fulfillment along the way. 

There are many applications for the EQi and Emotional Power tools including:

  • Recruiting, developing and retaining high performers
  • Team building
  • Leadership development
  • Self development
  • Managing change
  • Career development and planning
  • Experiencing work and life with more flow, joy, fulfillment
  • And more

I do all this stuff already at Big Cheese Coaching but I’m excited about bringing the EQi to this work.

I’ll be getting into more detail about all this and new programs that I’ll be introducing….but for now I just wanted to share the news first. Stay tuned for updates. And if you are curious and want to learn more about EQ and how  you can apply Emotional Power into your work and life sooner than later – than please do get in touch.

Till next time,


2 Responses to “How’s Your Emotional Intelligence?”

  1. Heart_Man Says:

    For over 30 years I experienced several life threatening chronic illnesses. Through the Grace of God I was lead to several people and organizations that aided me in understanding, positively dealing with and transforming these illnesses. For the past few years I have devoted my life to sharing what I have learned with others. The two most impactful organizations I was lead to are The Institute of HeartMath – and Landmark Education –

    The American Institute of Stress and The Centers for Disease Control have both reported that up to 90% of all illnesses are due to stress. I was lead to The Institute of HeartMath in 1997 and discovered that all of my illnesses were due to stress and emotions I had been experiencing in my life. Through learning and practicing HeartMath’s tools and technologies, I am able to prevent, manage and reverse the effects of stress and unmanaged emotions, in-the-moment, achieve better health, more energy, improved mental and emotional clarity, and improved performance and relationships. HeartMath’s tools and technologies are scientifically substantiated; they literally saved my life.

    Landmark Education provided me with the knowledge and tools to identify and put in my past, barriers that were stopping me from living a powerful life and a life I love. Through this Education, I have reached an unshakeable Faith.

  2. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    Heart Man, thank you so much for sharing your story. How inspiring! I am familiar with Landmark (many years ago I participated in a couple of their programs. I haven’t heard of the Institute of Heart Math and will check it out.

    Have a great day and thanks again for touching base.


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