In Good Company at Third Tuesday….

Last week I was in good company with well over a hundred other communications types at an event called: Third Tuesday. It’s a monthly gathering of PR folks interested in social media and other emerging developments within the communications field. For those that know me from my coaching work, I’ve been a communication/PR professional for 17+ years (see the bio) and that area is still part of my work-life.

 The event was hosted by Joe Thornley who managed to capture mugshots (including one of yours truly) of the attending bloggers. I barely had a chance to say “Big Cheese and ‘snap!’ – he caught me with a goofy grin promoting this very blog. You can check this out further on his blog post.

The featured speaker was Anthony D. Williams who co-authored with Don Tapscott the new book Wikinomics. It’s all about how mass collaboration is changing everything. Think YouTube, Myspace, Wikipedia, Linux, etc.

I’m reading the book now and have to say – it’s speaking to me!! I’ve always been hugely interested with issues that relate to social change and particularly, as a communicator, the new ways people are connecting. Well, now as a coach, I’m very interested in what Wikinomics is saying because these issues/developments are profoundly changing the way we work and live.

In fact, the authors liken this shift to the industrial revolution…..and say that in 20 years (maybe less) we’ll look back at this period (early 21st century) as a pivotal time in our economic and social history.

What does that mean for you? Particularly for your work life? Well consider just these few excerpts for starters:

“As with all previous economic revolutions, the demands on individuals, organizations, and nations will be intense, and at times traumatic, as old industries and ways of life give way to new processes, technologies, and business models. The played field has been ripped wide open, and the recurrent need to reconfigure people and capabiliteis to serve an everchanging market will require individuals to embrace constant change and renewal in the careers.”…………”Companies accustomed to comfortably directing marketplace activites must contend with new and unfamiliar sources of competition…”

Sounds like a wake-up call…..join in or perish.

I had a chance to chat briefly with Anthony Williams at the event after his remarks and asked him if he thought there was an underlying need to support people in this shift. This isn’t just about new technology and new processes. Companies and individuals that survive — and/or thrive — will need a new MINDSET…..with a whole new range of competencies (intellectually and within the emotional realm).

He agreed. There are some companies (even older established ones) that are developing those new ways of being (competencies, skills, mindset) and actively shaping this  evolution (read the book – tons of examples). But in the years ahead, there will likely be many that struggle….

The world is indeed changing. Yet again. And always. 

The question isn’t really do you like what’s happening? The question is are you ready?

Sounds like a great coaching opportunity. More to come from me on this……you can count on it!


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