That Balance Thing…oh yeah….when I have more time.

The funny thing about that phrase “Time Management” is that it technically makes no sense at all.  You can’t manage time — i.e. you can’t change it; manipulate it; add or delete it. It’s pretty much a done deal. We each get the same amount doled out: 7 days a week; 24 hrs; 60 minute per hour….you get the point?

You can, however, manage yourself in time….i.e. what you do with your time; how you feel about your ‘time’; how you ‘be’ in it (mindset; energy level; focus of attention, etc.). We really should be calling it ‘Self Management’ but that wouldn’t be as appealing a ‘brand’. So ‘Time Management’ it is……

 In any case, the topic is of interest to most people today who are working hard and trying to squeeze in as much as they can in their time. One of the top complaints people have is ‘not enough time!” In fact, I was just quoted in an article  in Investment Executive (trade publication for financial industry and advisors) on this issue. They did a whole section called: Time Out with articles about balance; life outside of ‘work’; wellness; etc. It was a great report and relevant for anyone – not just advisors.  Check out the full report here.

So how are you managing yourself in time? A few thought-starters to consider:

  • To do or not to do lists? Addicted to your list? Is your life one big list of ‘to do’s’? What about doing a ‘to not do’ list? What would that look like? What can you stop doing that will free up some more time to do stuff that really matters to you?
  • Speaking of what really matters – when was the last time you took some time to clarify that for yourself? Our priorities shift as our life evolves…..
  • Which of your priorities make it on your ‘to do’ list? Often we use lists (or scheduling/agenda) for the stuff ‘we have to do’ (responsibilities, errands and appointments we don’t want to forget). Ironically, what is often missing is the stuff that we really want to have in our life. How come those things aren’t on your list or scheduled in the agenda? Why aren’t they a priority? What difference would they make in your success and fulfillment factor (TGIM!) if you did make them a priority?
  • Pay yourself first or last? The ‘pay yourself first’ idea is actually a financial planning tip (put away savings right away otherwise there will be no $ left at the end of the week). Well, same goes for time. If the stuff that makes the ‘good life’ (to you) isn’t on your list upfront – how do you ensure it happens? Do you give away all your time servng everyone else first and hope some is left over for you? Or do you make sure you put some aside right away?
  • Action item: make a ‘priority’ list of everything that is truly important and meaningful in your life (and work) and compare it to your ‘to do’ list. There might be some editing needed to re-work your ‘to do’ list and ensure more of those priorities get actualized. 
  • Balancing your energy or burning out? This point probably deserves its own post (or blog for that matter!). But the point is that how you ‘be’ in your time (mindset, attitudes, focus) and what you do with it will either energize you, deplete you or, if you’ve got it balanced,  it will be “just right” (as Goldilocks would say).  The energy factor is huge and lots goes into this piece (nutrition, exercise, mindset, sleep, flow, etc.). More another time……
  • Sigh…there’s so much more to say about this topic but I’m noticing the time…and I’m all out of it.  For tonight anyways.

Till next time…. Eileen

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2 Responses to “That Balance Thing…oh yeah….when I have more time.”

  1. Ben Shaffer Says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Eileen Chadnick Says:

    Thanks Ben!

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